Tuesday, February 11, 2014

in the swing of things

Last weekend an idea for a new series of drawings popped into my head and since then I have been working on them. I love that feeling when you get that energy boost of trying something new, that you are all excited by yourself. It is even better when that idea turns out the way you want it to be! Lately I wasn't sure which way I wanted my drawings to go. Every now and then I get this feeling. I could continue to make those large drawings with pencil of the girls with weapons and I still love those but I get bored. I could make more but why? Then I tried the drawings with ink but I wasn't completely happy with those. I thought if I make some more then maybe…. I felt like I was floating between things. And now I can't stop working! The drawings are a combination of a printed computer-drawing where I stitch words onto. Both things take some time doing. As you can see I kept the color red, haha! Normally I get doubts between drawing number 6 and 12 but lets not think about that for now, lets see were this is going!


  1. ich bin schon jetzt begeistert, liebe céline! ich mag die kombination von zeichnung, schrift und dann noch stickerei! ich freu mich auf mehr bilder von deinen neuen arbeiten.

  2. This is excellent!!!!!!!!!

    I know that feeling. I know the anxiety, because it seems a thousand ideas come to your head in a second and you fear they escape. without a trace in your mind.
    but not, the ideas, call each other, and when you do graphic one, the others comes slowly close,
    I think I told you once, no matter where your picture goes, the important thing is to stay in motion. your creative mind does not stop, it's good for you.
    I love this new idea! is seen as an assault, an aggression on the body of the woman, but an assault made ​​to call the attention of those who assault it: Hey, you, stop aggression!!!!!

  3. Great, Céline! Bin von Deinen Stickelementen begeistert und dieses Bild hier gefällt mir ganz besonders, warum wohl? Unbedingt weitermachen, bin gespannt, wie lange Du Spaß dran behältst!

  4. beautiful!
    and inspiring to read about your wave... keep flowing!

  5. wonderful!!
    and you express the proces so clearly and the emotions that go with it, isn't it great to feel all that?

  6. It's one of the best feelings.... so happy for you to be there!!!!
    Have a magnificent week, Celine. xo Carole

  7. let me be your comment entry n° 7 and see where that goes! ;)))
    i think you are blooming, and only a little curious which word is hiding there, underneath your finger!
    celine, could you send me your new adress, in a separate mail, plse? thxs!


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