Tuesday, February 4, 2014

as silly as fun

I feel a bit like this drawing this week: funny and weird but also sort of angry… Well, just let it be for now, hope the frogs make you smile (I had those as a kid now I think of it;-) Hope you have a good week!


  1. She does look very cross. I wonder what she's thinking about! Jacqui x

  2. oh, I hear you. feeling the same this morning. the frogs might help though... ; ) let's get through this days with some loud frog noises!

  3. Einfach grossartig und ich grinse von einem Ohr bis zum anderen - ich fühle mich übrigens auch öfter so, aber ohne die coolen Froschschuhe!
    LG barbara bee

  4. You're biting your lip?
    oh, that can mean doubt
    doubt always means choice.
    and choice means one of (at least) two ways
    existentialism and frog slippers: it's funny!
    let the week pass! :)

  5. Hee hee, Celine - when I scrolled down page the frog-feet gave me such a smile!
    Hope you are having a super week.
    (fun to see you on instagram)!

  6. She appears to be heavy and light at the same time Celine- I think the contradictions in us are the best parts :)

  7. also ehrlich, ich glaub, die würde ich lieber nicht stören wollen...
    aber die frösche sind cool!

  8. ja, ich kenne es auch. aber wir sollten alle solche frösche zum lachen haben!


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