Thursday, November 14, 2013

something old...

While searching for some paper to make a new drawing I found some old drawings, made with watercolors. I forgot I tried that once. I wasn't happy with them at the time, so I stopped. But now I actually like them... including the angry looking baby, haha! So I thought I show them to you. I also posted them on my Instagram account which I started in June. If you are out there as well or just want to take a look, click here.


  1. It happens, Céline, two things totally opposite.
    When you see your old work, and you think:

    Possibility 1: Ah, but they were not so bad
    Possibility 2: Oh, this is a disaster

    Neither, are 100% true (at least that's what happens to me)

    -They are not as bad, but always we could upgrade.
    -Never is a total disaster, there is always something that is well made.

    But, my dear friend, "The artist's insatifacción, is the mother of creativity " (this is a phrase I just invented, cute, true?) :))

  2. das wütende baby ist echt witzig - wie toll du den ausdruck mit aquarellfarben hinbekommen hast! dein instagram hab ich jetzt gespeichert - tolle bilder!

  3. the watercolour gives an extra dmension to the facial expressions, which may even be whimsical at the time you're doing this? they are gorgeous, almost luxurious bunny/human portraits! n♥

  4. Celine, I love Wallace and Gromit, I've seen several movies of them, all are very good! I would not know which one I like more.

  5. I'm glad to hear you like them now as I sure do. The angry baby bunny makes me laugh, Celine, knowing that my own baby bunnies (3 of my 4 daughters) have their own baby bunnies to love! xo Carole

  6. Die sind großartig! Besonders das erste mag ich sehr!


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