Wednesday, November 27, 2013

in the mean time...

... I'm also still working on some drawings with girls with a weird pippi-tail-hat.
Hope you all have a good week!


  1. spooky!
    Ich mag die Muster in den Kleidern und Hintergrund von der zweiten Zeichnung.
    x Stefanie

  2. These are very cool and oddly thrilling drawings, Celine. So much detail in each one. Must take you ages to complete. xo Carole

  3. do not say weird.
    your mind imagined this. is enough, enough.
    The great thing about art is that people (called artists) can show what they imagine.

    Is your mind weird? I do not think so
    Art is art, art escapes from adjectives as "weird" art is beyond weird, cute, ugly, art is an inner manifestation of a person (called artist) who has the ability to show what he / she feels, can someone show graphically pain? (for example), no, an artist yes can do it.
    There are no adjectives to describe the art, these adjectives should be invented, then this is why, we can only say, "great", "I like it", "it's cute", "overwhelming", "wonderful" etc and etc...
    You have artistic ideas, Celine, we admire your art, admire your ideas, thanks for showing them. :)

  4. these are fab. I like them. and weird is good. who wants to be normal??

  5. I think spooky, too, Celine - which I quite like!

  6. oh, they your creations are fantastic! such lovely illustrations. hey there pippi hat, would be so much fun to wear. and the rabbits went straight to my heart. nice to be here.

  7. ich finde sie sehr cool und ein bisschen spooky (ein deutsches wort passt nicht so gut). die spinnennetzmuster im hintergrund gefallen mir auch sehr. wie toll, dass du sowas malen kannst!!


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