Saturday, November 23, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host is Ariane and her theme is "Autumn". I can be very short about this one: I love autumn! I love the color of the leaves, the very special, beautiful light when the sun is shining and I don't mind that it gets darker and the days shorter. I like putting on my warm sweaters and drink lots of tea, very cosy on the couch ;-)

For more autumn impressions, visit the wonderful Rose blog!


  1. Your girl, lost in an autumn daydream - very nice, Celine! I, too, love autumn, the smells of wood smoke and apples, the shortening days, the little bit of warmth left in the sun's golden light...
    xxxooo, sus

  2. I think autumn is a special time of year when one is tired of summer sun, and one needs some ocher, ocher in the mornings; ocher, in the evenings, and ocher by the night.
    Do not you think, ocher, is a very romantic color? I think so :)

  3. i feel your cosiness! and now for some sunshine, perhaps? yikes, it's been grey lately, but for your coloured leaves here... n♥

  4. Yes I can see you relaxed on the couch musing over your next drawing enjoying the autum lights, leaves and the darkness (where I'm always a bit afraid of).
    Viele Grüße
    Barbara Bee

  5. I love the look on her face the wonder in it and yes everything you mention about this time of year is fond to me- perhaps it's like nesting in a way :)

  6. You described how I feel about autumn perfectly! Perfectly! *smiles* Norma, x
    p.s. love your lines

  7. o yes, i love autumn too
    the colors, the smell, the position of the sun
    and that couch too!
    and your drawing, sort of a fairytale
    that is how i feel while walking the Woods
    a golden rain of leaves ;^))


  8. was für ein schönes verträumtes bild! ja, goldener herbst erst und dann der rückzug -
    mach's dir gemütlich, recht hast du!
    lieben gruß

  9. and you look very cosy there. under that sky of leaves and fall colors. can I sit with you?

  10. I'm hosting this week if your able- would love to have you :)

  11. If autumn days are golden and sun is shining, I'm with you and sit right there at your side. :o)
    But if it's cold and dark, my melancholy creeps up slowly and rules my days. Then I'm longing for winter and snow which makes the world seem brighter again.


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