Saturday, November 30, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host of the DC is Kristen and her theme is "Everyday Objects". I once told you that I sometimes make these cabinets. I use my own drawings for them and my collection of (vintage) toys. I love small toys! Maybe you think that toys are not really everyday objects, for kids maybe. But let me tell you that for me they are! My room is full of them ;-) For this cabinet I used to drawing I posted for my birthday and added some balloons to it. I put the little "smurf" with the gift in front of it and empty my punch-machine for the confetti effect. Some of the colored ones I glued to the glass on the front. It is hard to take good pictures of these cabinets because of the reflections in the glass, I hope you get the idea. In the next two pictures you can see that I can move the confetti the way that I like it:

If you want to know what the others made for this DC go to the wonderful blog of Kristen!


  1. i love this cabinet - what a fine idea as a birthdaygift for example... oh, toys really are everyday objects!
    have a wonderful adventtime!

  2. oh this is so funny and creative, children would love it, you´re great! I want to play with it, too!
    and it tells a lot about you, dear Celine... well, good luck with your moving ;-)
    x Stefanie

  3. á smurf, a smurf. I haven't actually seen them in quite a while, but they so remind me of my little brother. he used to collect them and even had an amazing mushroom house for them. I love that they are an every day object for you! you're moving? I must have missed it... have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You know there is something so intriguing about a good shadow box, and yours I would love to play with- all that moving confetti!
    Toys are most definitely an everyday object in my home too! I can't imagine them not being there.
    Thanks so much for playing along! Best K :)

  5. My room is full of small toys too! Your cabinet is such fun.

  6. I always think that art should give participation to the observer, beyond observing. and this is great. I would like to have it in my hands to play a bit, moving it this way and another way!!! :)
    have a nice monday Celine :)

  7. Wow, this is a cabinet full of fun, Celine! I love confetti - you cabinet makes me smile.

  8. Cool! Kind of like a snow globe but with way more interesting results with a shake or two. I'd like to get my hands on it and shake away. Happy week to you Celine. xo Carole

  9. Celine, you are unique and always so clean in your visual and your story idea, or idea in your art which tells the viewer a story. This reminds me of a happy event. Perhaps a birthday. I like this shadow box a lot. It draws me IN. *smiles* and happy day to you, Norma, x

  10. ich liebe deine kabinettstückchen - und deine sammlungen (ha,ha - ich hab sie ja auch in schacheln und kisten...)!


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