Friday, November 8, 2013

it's my party...

...and I cry if I want to!

Well, I hope not, but you never know, right? It has been a busy week but I hope I'm fit to celebrate my birthday on sunday. I'll turn 33 on monday so that will be a day of as well ;-) Wish you a nice weekend!


  1. Hi, my friend!!!
    I will wait until Monday to tell you Happy Birthday (you must know that here is said to be bad luck to celebrate early)
    OK. On Monday I will send a virtual card!!
    Have a great weekend!
      I love this drawing, every day you draw better, Celine!
    Today, November 8th here, is the birthday of my daughter Julia, she turns 33 like you!! (but really where she lives November 8, was yesterday ... things on planet earth, you know) :))

  2. Oh, sorry, I did not answer your question. My blog looks boring, right? happens that I have little time, soon I'll return to header changes :)))

  3. das bild ist so toll, die schuhe sind genial, der blick so abwartend. es wird gut werden, bestimmt :-))!

  4. I send you my love and congratulations today. I know I will forget monday. Love your hair and shoe's. I'll dance a birthdaydance for you!

  5. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Celine! (no tears, ok?)
    xxoo, sus

  6. Wish you the happiest birthday, liebe Céline!! Ich hoffe, Du hast gestern schön reingefeiert und Tränen wurden allerhöchstens als Freudentränen vergossen! Hab einen tollen Tag und lass Dich reich beschenken!

  7. veel te laat!
    maar alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd!
    33, zo jong!!!!



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