Tuesday, January 29, 2013

flow into silence

For now the snow and the cold are gone... I don't like that because we get rain instead. I like the world when she is white and everything has to slow down a bit. I would like to live Norway, or Sweden. I have this "thing" for those country's but I'm not sure if I would still like it if there is snow and cold for more as 6 months. This drawing is a bit of a "goodbye-winter" (it can of course still come back!), even if it's not very winterly, but for me they are slowly walking away...very quiet.


  1. hihi, Zweden, het land van Pippi :-)) Mooie stille tekening!

  2. Céline, I love that drawing. as you know, I'm not winter's best friend, it catches the change of the season in a very poetic way.

  3. ich liebe skandinavien auch sehr, aber die lange zeit der kälte und besonders der dunkelheit würde mir nicht gefallen. so fahr ich lieber zur mitsommerzeit hin!
    schönes bild, ich will auch auf einem rentier sitzen!

  4. Hi, Celine, I feel like you think, I always liked to live in the south of my country, where the mountains have snow all year round, but I also see that when the snow going left mud (at least here) and that is very annoying. anyway I like the days when it snows, what I like most is getting up early and realize that it snowed overnight, maybe I like to see the snowy landscapes because snow softens everything, and you feel your soul, and your heart, in a state of tranquility.
    I love your illustration, drawing, color, and the strange glow in the foot (again the mysterious detail, great)!!!!!!!!! :)))))))

  5. lovely drawing. I'm not a winter fan. for all I care, winter can run away as quickly as possible :)

  6. schöne Zeichnung! Wie ein Gedicht.
    Es grüßt Dich eine wintermüde

  7. My wife felt the same way toward snow while she was living in the USA and only saw it on the mountain tops. Then she moved to my country and now is not a big fan of snow or low temperatures and about all cleaning snow. So, be carefull what you wish for lol.
    And about winter good-bye - I doubt it. I know it will still come back. We had cases of strong winter even in March so I am keeping my winter clothes close by :)


  8. I agree, I grew up in the north of Sweden with winters with lot's and lot's of snow ad days with blue skies and sun but sometimes -30 C, but the air is dry up there so there is a different kind of cold and if you dress alright then you are fine. Here in London the winter is about a month shorter and its mostly grey and rainy and dark and the darkness makes you tired and not want to leave your house and the humidity makes it really cold when its just a few minus degrees, it goes through your layers and feels colder then in the north of Sweden!

    I would like shorter winters like in UK, - but real winters with blue skies, sun and snow like in Sweden.

    Have a lovely weekend Celine!


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