Friday, January 11, 2013

disappearing into bubbles

While surching on my computer for a drawing I needed I found some images of my older paintings. This one is from 2004 and perfect to wish you a very nice weekend! ;-)

(thank you for the helpfull comments on my last post, I'm still thinking about it, if I know what to do I'll let you know. Some of you said that I should signe the plates: they are, but on the back).


  1. That would be a nice plan for the weekend I guess - dive into the bubbles and just disappear. Doubt that I will rest at this weekend. Very busy lately. Maybe I will dive in a bubble bath. Now that is a plan :)
    And about your plates - neat about signatures on the back. We didn't get to see that side so don't blame us for asking :) Can't wait to hear what are your decisions about plates.
    But until then enjoy your weekend my creative blog friend :)

  2. Hi, Celine, it's clear that you're still as good artist as you were in 2004!! :)))
    Have a great weekend, take care!
    OK. it is good that is your signature on dishes, I was one of those who said you that put your signature, sorry, I did not know, that the firm was behind
    Byee ♫♫♫ :)

  3. dir noch einen schönen rest-sonntag! gestern abend hab ich mit rosé-sekt gefeiert!!
    liebe grüße, mano


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