Tuesday, January 8, 2013

and now what?

I finished number 3 of a white plate with a red girl. And now I'm thinking about what to do with them. With all the crockery I made in the last few months, continue or not.... You can find all the plates I made on the right site of this blog: labels: crockery. Well, I have to think about it for a while....


  1. You do not want to sell them?
    I wonder one thing: why do not you put your signature on the plates?
    I think that (if you're not bored) you could continue the series, and number, and sign each one

  2. Have to agree with Roberto's question - Why don't you sell them? They do look very nice and I am sure there would be people that would buy them. Who knows, maybe you get some custom work requests too. But only do it if you are up to continuing this form of drawing. If not, no need to force something. You should feel joy making art.
    And true about signature. I think that would put a nice finishing touch on the whole plate.

  3. they surely deserve to be showed, they would be great eye catchers in a window display, x

  4. sell them at Atelier Spunk. they are totally amazing & I am already thinking about to get one!

  5. i haven’t been here for a while! i’ve missed so much! your plate are crazy fun, i love them! xo sandra

  6. at least promote them in a magazine, do!

  7. you should sell them. they are fantastic. I especially love the square ones in red! maybe as limited editions?


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