Saturday, January 19, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is Stefanie and her theme is "crown" (check out her blog, her crown is wonderful!).
I made this drawing of a little girl, all dressed in pink with an also pink crown. Little girls and pink....prinsesses....all you see and hear in the media for girls is pink that that your little girl IS a princess. Now I don't mean this in a bad way, because off course your child is everything to you, but isn't it getting a little bit overboard? There are much more things girls can be and I think it's important that they know that. Please let more girls become strong princesses and not only dressed in pink!
For more crowns, please take a look at Stefanie's blog.


  1. yes, you´re right - I try with my little princess (of cause she is;)
    Well, she loves pink and she loves to shoot with guns.
    Hey, your drawing is great!
    Thank you so much for playing and for your comment and everything
    x Stefanie

  2. liebe céline, dein bild ist großartig und du hast mir aus der seele gesprochen! wir wollen pippi!! :)) mano

  3. Don't remember if I had a pink phase during my childhood, but I loved horses and played a lot with car models. What came out is...I stopped horseriding when I became a teenager, but I'm still crazy about cars, the large ones in between... ;o)
    I love your drawing, especially that kind of uncertainty that is in her eyes: "Well, I'm wearing pink and a I a princess now?"

  4. I agree with you Celine.
    Who invented that little girls + pink: Princess?
    is a cultural convention
    (Probably designed by men, not by women)

    anyway, beyond that I think the woman is more important than the man, it's nice that girls are treated like princesses and women as queens, no?

  5. I agree too! mixed messages and perhaps a contrast between being a baby and a girl with power- something that I think sticks to many- being vulnerable and powerful...maybe pink is power in a way??
    Anyway your drawing is wonderful! and brings up all kinds of thoughts :)

  6. ha true words and strong drawing Céline, yes the questions in the girls eyes are clear,
    those big pink displays in the girls toy departments always makes me feel uneasy, pink has never been my favorite color, always felt like i was growing to drown in it, xx

  7. ha!
    ware woorden
    nu heb ik zonen en ben zelf nooit een roze prinses geweest
    speelde liever voetbal met de buurjongens
    maar ik zie om mij heen heeeeel veel roze en vraag me af
    of dat de keuze van de meisjes zelf is of van de moeders
    je tekening vind ik prachtig!

    Patrice A.

  8. A FANTASTIC drawing Celine with beautiful commentary. You say so much with so little. I simply love it.

  9. Yet another great unique drawing. Always a pleasure to stop by your blog and see what is next in your artistic world.
    And about little girls and pink - I think people are just used to that and not all see it that way. My wife is pregnant and we will have baby soon but we colored the baby room even before we knew we were pregnant. Colors are green and blue (like grass and sky) - so if it's a girl baby we have, sorry, no pink lol :)

  10. Lovely little girl drawing- this reminded me of my daughter and her princess costume (not to forget the nail polish - perfect colour)!

  11. Celine,
    Pink is one of my favourite colours. My mother hates pink.
    We had a constant battle when we shopped for clothes. I always wanted pink, as I said, she hated pink. Ha.....makes me laugh about it now!

  12. I agree with Renilde, Celine - this is a very strong drawing. I grew up as the eldest kid in the neighborhood and the only girl amongst the pack of boys on our block - naturally bossy, I was the captain of our army, never in dresses without a fight, especially not pink ones. xxoo, sus


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