Monday, October 1, 2012

know a colour blue

After my frustrations with the spirograph I turned back to what I love to do at the moment: making some more dinner-plates. I really like making them so I think I'll make some more and try out some other plates. I realized that if you find something you like do draw or make, you'll get into some kind of flow. No stress, no thinking, just the colour blue and the drawing. It doesnt't always work that way off course but for the moment this was my Mandala, it just looks different!


  1. Hey Celine these dishes are very good, beautiful!!!
    There is a type of decorated pottery that is painted almost exclusively in blue (some yellow and any other color) that is characteristic of a place of Spain
    you can look in google images: ceramica de talavera de la reina

    Good week for you, I'm glad you have fun doing this! :)))))))

  2. wow, these are fabulous!
    plus i read in your previous post that these are your grandma's plates, such a wonderful combination, your art and her plates, fabulous!

  3. so wunderschön!!! diese mandalas sind mir die liebsten! :-) mano

  4. net als de eerste
    zijn ook deze

  5. they look amazing ♥
    I love the hand of Pippi on the second one, looks like she's coming out of the dinner plate :)

  6. it’s gorgeous. i agree working on something you enjoy is just a fantastic feeling of peace.

  7. this is so nice, they look like they came from fabric! nice work c.
    you should sell it, definitely :)


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