Saturday, October 13, 2012

drawing challenge

This weeks drawing challenge is hosted by the lovely Mano and she has a great theme: driftwood!
I absolutely love wood and in particular the wood I find. In our home we have lots of wood we found and we made things out of it or just put it somewhere as decoration. I also love furniture made of driftwood, my dream is to have a nice cupboard made of it. For this challenge I tried something new: I took a photo and put it together with a drawing of mine. I like the atmosphere in it. For more driftwood inputs check out Mano's blog! (which you should do anayway!).

And to start the weekend: some changes on my blog!


  1. i can't hardly believe the amount of driftwood washing ashore in that pic! but i guess it is quite possible!! strange juxtaposition also, against the trees in the backgrounds. but it's all about the addition of the drawing, innit? ;)))
    great job, the putting together. i've yet not mastered that digital art. ..

  2. zoveel drijfhout?!!!
    wat zou ik daar graag een keer rondstruinen
    en jij daar dan in badpak bij

  3. Hi, Celine, I love the photo with your drawing,
    seems not a beach where you could be in swimsuit sunbathing, and there is what I like. contradiction, the opposite (I told you)
    also the color that you gave your drawing fits perfectly in color, and photo's atmosphere
    congratulations :)

  4. Erg mooi de combinatie van de illustratie met foto.

  5. It looks great. I really like your artwork in this image. Its a technique I love to use. I cant believe all that driftwood its making me drool. I have lots but little pieces. Bleached wood is beautiful to look at and touch I have pieces everywhere.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen x

  6. Wow, where did you took this pic, dear Celine?
    And I like it very much that you placed your drawn woman into it.


  7. a place where i would like to walk or even sit. great!

    ♥ tatjana

  8. liebe céline, I would like to sit there midst all this wonderful driftwood! please tell me where this beach is situated ;-)!
    ich mag diese arbeit sehr von dir! die frau sieht entspannt aus - ich selbst wäre allerdings sehr aufgeregt ob all dieser schätze!!
    danke fürs mitmachen! :-) mano

  9. the girl in the chair looks like she stranded there very naturally, if that's what she does,washing up on beaches to have a look, that chair her vessel, and what a beach!! love this, x

  10. Celine this picture is absolutely fantastic and just so cool! i love it.

  11. Driftwood bonanza! How can she look so casual in the midst of such abundance? Ha! Clever idea!

  12. Great combination the deepness of the black and white photo with your light and colorful drawing.
    ♥ Greeting

  13. This could be a graphic presentation illustration in a magazine. This is a kind of creativity that is so far out of my league I just admire it tremendously. Love this. *smiles* Norma, xo


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