Friday, October 26, 2012

in the sun or rainy days

Now summer is definitly over. The last week was abosulutely beautiful: sunny and the colours of fall were so bright.  Now it's raining and the leaves are turning brown. So here are the last lomo-pictures of the flowers which were left in the garden. If you look closely you can see a bee on top of the flower in the first picture, it's out of focus but still..... Everyone a nice weekend!


  1. I saw the bee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))
    Nice week end dear friend!!!!!!!!

  2. Raining here too. Thanks for you pictures of sunshine!

  3. well, your funny angle pictures do make my morning. such richness in colour too. i picked up a leaf from a city street last night. i couldn't resist. it had all the orange i craved for...!


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