Friday, September 28, 2012

drawing challenge

And what a challenge it was!!! This time the challenge was hosted by wonderfull WOOLF and her theme is "Mandala" and the good old spirograph (find out more about these two things on the tinyWOOLF blog). I immediatly got excited because I did get a spirograph as a kid. I search for it and found it! And because I'm working on a personal challenge to get more relaxed and less stressed out, the Mandala theme was perfect! So it seems... My positive energy was gone in 5 minutes and I really got frustrated: I simply couldn't make nice Mandala's! My pen slipped away and I ruined one after another. I'm not made for doing this! I'm the kind of girl who finds peace in colouring Mandala's someone else has made, that's peacefull! Maybe I'll give it anoher try someday. Thank you for this challenge: I again have learned something about myself: I really have to work on my stress-level;-) And I'm sorry, this was the best I could do:

You can find more Mandala's on WOOLF's blog. I wish you all a nice weekend!


  1. hahaha!
    I like it!
    I had a Spirograph once, but don't know where it is or went
    your story made me remember the frustration
    of not getting one perfect
    using mandala is not the way for me

  2. ebenfalls: hahaha! ich hatte das selbe problem, keine geduld... so hab ich das unfertige einfach umgedreht!
    mir gefällt aber dein kleines rotes mandala, es könnte glatt von pippi stammen.
    liebe grüße an dich und tausend dank für deine herrlichen badefreuden-karten!! :-) mano

  3. Celine, always helpful to learn what our strengths and weaknesses are, right! I love the red you chose to draw with. Your large drawings in previous posts are knock-outs. Also amazing to me is the porcelain plate of the gun-toting girl. So glad to have discovered your blog. -sus

  4. céline! NOBODY is made to do perfect spirographic designs. i remember my frustrations on that devil-a-thing clearly. i ended up doing the real easy ones, the ones with HUGE blank middle spaces, because like the one you show us.. it simply did not work. so, in a sense, you have soothed my memory, and please throw the spiro in a corner and just draw what you're REALLY good at! ;)))
    in time, but give me some time first, i'll design a few blanco mandalas, right. i'll send them over too, you can then start the colouring in.
    you poor thing, i feel for you! but do not try this again!!

  5. I had to laugh, Celine, drawing with the spirograph set is not relaxing at all! I remember almost finishing many spirographic masterpieces only to lose control and have the same frustrating outcomes. Have a great week. xo Carole

  6. ja. das ist das schöne beim malen. wir kommen unserem inneren so nah. und es ist jedesmal so überraschend.

    liebe grüße

  7. i had one of those when i was a kid too, i can ever remember doing anything beautiful with it though!!

  8. Haha working with a spirograph is definitely only something for experts and those who are already totally zen-like, but in the end you did it and I like it.
    xo Barbara

  9. Your post [and artwork] put a great big smile on my face, Celine! Yes this was a valuable experience for you. To me, in the context of your post, this is symbolic of what [your] stress looks like in particular, but what it probably does look like in all of us...if it were to be translated into a bent line. While the circle is a powerful element, sometimes one needs to just break out of it. That would give this line relief. Or maybe the circumference of the circle needs to be widened considerably. The line needs more space. Oh there are parallels here I imagine inside of my own head!!! I liked this post a lot. Hugs, Norma, xo

  10. isn't it super how these dc's bring us out of our circle, away from what we're doing and show us not just another aspect of ourselves but also of all the other participants.

    yor post made me smile because i had to think of what would happen if Pipi had to work with a spirograph ;)x


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