Friday, October 19, 2012

something different and new!

I'm quite exited because I started another blog! It's not that different because I still post drawings but it's all about food. On this blog you can find recipes and quotes about food. Maybe you'll ask yourself "why?". To answer this I'll have to tell you something about myself: I have some really bad food allergies. When I eat peanuts or nuts you'll have to bring me to the hospital because I can't breathe. When I eat yeast, sugar or milkproducts it will make me sick after a few months: daily stomach ache, headache and very tired. If I tell people this the maint point is often that they focus on the allergies and not what I can eat and that they feel sorry for me. Even if I tell them that they don't have to be because I feel better this way because I'm not sick. Even on the internet the focus is often so negative that I wanted a change for me and maybe even for other people who can't eat this stuff. So I started this blog with a lot of positive energie and my way to share recipes: by drawings! Maybe you want to have a look, leave a comment, or even follow it... Maybe you even have a tip-off! I just started so there're only 4 post yet. The drawings are in dutch, but you can find the english version on the bottom of every post.
The name of the blog is "plant-aardig", which means in dutch as much as "vegetable" but in dutch it has the word "nice" in it.

Maybe I'll see you there ( if you want te know the whole recipe of the drawing above you'l have to take a look ;-)) and otherwise I wish you a nice weekend!


  1. ich finde dein neues blog ganz toll - so schöne zeichnungen und so witzig arrangiert!
    ich hab auch einige allergien (z.b. kann ich keine paprika, keine zwiebeln, keinen kohl essen) und ich hab eine freundin, die auch keine milchprodukte und zucker darf. ich finde aber auch, dass es so viele tolle andere lebensmittel gibt, die man benutzen kann.
    nur auf schoki möchte ich nicht verzichten!!
    ich werde bestimmt oft bei anlage aardig vorbeischauen!
    liebe grüße und guten appetit! mano

  2. well done, céline! i understand it's never easy to find the right setting for special diets; a positive energy is so much more inviting than plain do's and don'ts. i think you'll manage just fine.
    if you haven't yet, then check this place out too. it's mighty inspiring, and your blog reminded me of them. bonne chance, and i'm only too glad i'll be able to read your drawings, even while i'm allergy-less.

  3. je nieuwe blog ziet er heeeeel fijn uit
    en helaas weten wij hier maar al te goed
    wat een allergie of intolerantie inhoud
    onze oudste heeft een tijd een streng dieet gevolgd
    met uitzondering van de noten ongeveer wat jij beschrijft
    en het vinden van makkelijke en vooral lekker recepten een klus
    zeker voor het kind wat hij destijds was

    en daarnaast
    vind ik je borden echt prachtig!
    net als je nieuwe header

    fijn weekend!

  4. My my, I go away for a while and come back to see all you've been doing, Celine! Love you dinner plates!!!!!
    Great idea for another blog. xo Happy week to you!

  5. Thats really a good idea! It makes me wanner cook food!:-)


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