Saturday, July 23, 2011

undiscovered places

Yesterday we made a trip to the cities "Weert" and "Roermond". They're only about 45 minutes away from where I live and I had never been there. People fly all over the world but they don't really know their own country. So sometimes I go to places that are nearby that I've never visited. In Weert we accidentally walked in a museum which turned out to be a religious museum with mostly old paintings and a lot silver and gold stuff. In a small room around the corner there was this sculpture made by Desire Tonnaer. It shows Maria Magdalena as a mummy in a way archaeologists could have found her. I find this sculpture fascinating and a bit scary and it was a absolute surprise in this museum.
The picture below I took in Roermond. This poor guy was standing in front of toyshop and covered in plastic because of the rain. I immediately fell in love with him! Those are the only two pictures I took the whole day...


  1. a big contrast between the two photos, The upper indeed a bit scary, but also fascinating.
    And I like the bears belly :-)

  2. Yes, there's always a lot to discover in your own country. I like the sculpture.

  3. Klopt helemaal, er zijn van die plekjes waar je op de fiets naar toe kunt. Dat doen we veel te weinig! De volgende keer als je Weert bezoekt laat je het maar weten, kunnen we ergens een bakkie drinken.
    grt, Helmi

  4. das mach ich auch gern: kleine städte in der umgebung besuchen, da entdeckt man wirklich oft wunderbare sachen!
    die maria magdalena ist wirklich beeindruckend und der dicke teddybär sehr lustig! hoffentlich hat er bei den temperaturen nicht so sehr gefroren...

  5. good walk and be surprised with interesting things in the museum!
    I enjoyed the sculpture,
    lovely photos


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