Friday, July 29, 2011

girl giants

"I like giants - especially girl giants. 'cause all girls feel too big sometimes, regardless of their size."

This is a sentence of the song "I like giants" by Kimya Dawson, which I really like. It's so true and told in such a different way then the normal stuff you hear about size and weight and I think it's funny at the same time.  I was listening to it and thought about an older drawing I once made about this issue.

I like collecting sentences and words. I have a book where I collect all different kinds of text that crosses my way: out of books, magazines, songtext or the newspaper. And out of all these different things I make my own story or titles for my drawings. I love words, I just can't find them in myself. Maybe that's why I draw.


  1. hi celine, thanks so much! it means a lot for someone to enjoy my work, even as i struggle, haha.

  2. céline, loved this drawing!
    a scene so familiar, be or become giant ...

    and agree about the words.
    they have something magical, that when spoken, they generate an energy - they have power!
    I also tend to write down words or phrases, only need to group them in a notebook ...
    I will follow your idea.

  3. As a child, people made me feel as a giant because I was taller than my school peers. I remember my parents bought me a beautifully illustrated book that told the story of a girl that bullied because of her size and later she would become a fashion model.Yes, it sounds like a new version of the ugly duckling! Well,I have never been a fashion model nor a giant. I stopped growing and I´m only 1,70 m tall:)I must say I wouldn´t have minded being taller:)

  4. keep on drawing, I love it :-)


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