Monday, July 11, 2011

peek in sneak about

I started another big pippi-drawing, also in red. This one is a bit different then the first one I made. This drawing has a different kind of energy, because there's less movement in the figure. But I write more about it when it's finished, because you can't see the whole drawing at this point. But I can show you a preview on her dress:

PS: a little something I just wanted to share with you about my trip to Rotterdam. Thanks to Nelleke's blog I visited the exhibition 'Colours in My Hand' of Ayako Rokakku. She's a Japanese artist (1982) and she moved her studio temporarily into the Kunsthal's ‘daylight hall'. Every day for three weeks until 17th of july she will be working on an ‘artwork in progress'. Rokkaku will be painting large murals, or ‘live paintings', which she creates by applying acrylic paint directly to the canvas with her fingers. She shares with the public her very own world of bright colours and recurring symbols such as flowers, animals, boats and houses. A recurrent theme in her work is that of little girls with large eyes and long arms that she often portrays in close-up. Everyone can join in with Ayako as she paints at the Kunsthal and she was there as we visited. That was really a great opportunity to talk to the artist about her work that you have just seen. And she was so nice and sweet.
So thank you Nelleke for the wonderfull tip!


  1. Wow Celine erg gaaf zo'n Pipi in 1 kleur! (PS kaart komt eraan hoor! was vorige week zo druk ;-)

  2. how nice to meet Ayako Rokkaku - I liked the link, see her painting with bare hands!!

    the new pippi this will be beautiful!
    I can imagine, with this 'sample' of the dress
    that detailed design and elaborate; great!

  3. je maakt het weer spannend met de nieuwe pippi. de preview looks great!

    And I'm glad my blogpost inspired you, great you've met her and thanks for the link :-)

  4. Wahnsinn wie du das machst! Das muss unglaublich viel Arbeit sein! ... bin gespannt auf das ganze Bild!

  5. WonderfulWork
    my new blog:
    see you

  6. diese pippi sieht ein wenig traurig, oder vielleicht auch melancholisch aus. bin sehr gespannt auf das ganze bild!
    liebe grüße von mano
    PS: schön, dass du meine monsterparade gefällt!

  7. Really impressive work on Pippi's dress, can't wait to see the final!


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