Tuesday, July 19, 2011

innocence locked up

I finished the second large Pippi-drawing. They're so hard to photograph, because of the white paper you have shadows all over it. And because they're so big it's hard to find a good place to hang them and take a picture. I just have to wait for better weather, then I can take them outside and try again. So I'm sorry for the not so good quality of the picture...
This one is rather different than the first one I drew. The first Pippi made her own decisions and was in control. This one is not, I guess. It's not even clear to me if she put the cartridge-belts on her body herself or not, or if she's forced by the other Pippi's. In the end, working on this one for 3 or 4 days, kind of frustrated me, because she is so pithless and at the same time I feel sorry for her. I have lots of time thinking about her story if I'm drawing. Now I'm already working on the next one, this girl gets a little more guts again!


  1. Don't worry about the quality of the photo, it's OK. And the drawing is great! So is the story you created for her.

  2. It's such a nice serie, Celine! I like it you stay with the pippi subject so long and deepen it more out each time. looking forward to the guts :-)

  3. Wat een gave Pipi zeg! Erg grappig die cardrige-belt.

  4. céline wow!
    that figure! powerful and beautifully crafted!
    is amazing, the dress is the best!

    I think that she have free will ...

  5. Wow Celine this drawing is wonderful, those lines in the dress! And the other large pipi i'm realy looking forward to the next. It's amazing what you did with only the red lines!

  6. ik krijg er kippenvel van (op een positieve manier :) )


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