Thursday, July 14, 2011


In May I introduced you to my red hot chili pepper-girl. I got inspired because I grow my own vegetables and I thought a sculpture in as always nice in the kitchen! Now the pepper-queen is no longer alone: I made a tomato-princess. She's a bit bigger, about 100 cm. Because of the bad weather this time no pictures of the sculpture in the garden. Both sculptures are standing in my kitchen, on the window sill.


  1. So much fun! love the details on the dress :)

  2. tomato-princess is amazing!

    beautiful, and very humorous... \o/
    I loved her dress
    great companies in the kitchen!!

  3. 100 cm? wow! ich würd sie gern mal zusammen mit miss red hot chili pepper in ihrer "natürlichen umgebung" (ha,ha!!) sehen. sehr hübsch ist auch das hütchen..!! super gemacht, céline! ich schicke dir liebe grüße!


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