Monday, March 3, 2014

little, bright things

A few weeks ago I told you here about a test with vintage, crochet coasters. I really liked it to turn these old things into something new. So I tried something different with one that was a little bit bigger. I made a lamp! And I'm really happy with it. I have to put another light-bulb in it and maybe a little plastic bird. From a distance it looks like a bird-cage. But I'm not sure if the bunny on my painting likes it…


  1. Ich glaube Frau Hase findet es ganz aussergewöhnlich. Mir gefällt deine Lampe super - geile Idee!
    barbara bee

  2. Love how this came out! I bet it makes very interesting shadows on the walls....

  3. i think the bunny says, "go, ahead, hon'. give it a jolly light bulb and a complimentary bird!"
    so there. ;)))

    also here to invite you to come and play next weekend, over at mine's.
    cheerio, and enjoy this week...

  4. Celine, that is inspired and very beautiful x


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