Saturday, March 22, 2014

turning into objects

Since I'm making these new drawings I'm thinking about how I should present or hang them. I didn't really like it when I just put them on the wall. I wasn't happy with it that way. So now I came up with the idea to make them a bit more "heavy", give them a bit more volume. I pinned them onto wood and now they turned more into an object which I really like because I also work a bit with this theme of women being objects. And I like the way the threads are now hanging. In the picture below you can see the pins better that I used.

I wish you all a nice weekend and thank you for your comments on my work. It really helps me, especially when I read something that some of you see in it and that I didn't mentioned. That shows me that some of my intentions are seen!


  1. Wow! Blood dripping from the wall! Very intense images on that pure white backgound. The volume of the wood gives them more weight literally and metaphorically. Good!

  2. Oh yes, perfect way to exhibit them, Celine! Just think how the shadows of the red threads will add even more weight to them and what if a breeze caught them! Happy week to you. xo Carole

  3. Celine, I'm totally amazed by your new pieces and your idea of presentation!! The wooden boxes turn each into a statement! I also had the association of blood (stitched! outch!). And putting the pictures up with needles is somehow a kind of hidden "making-of"...
    My first thought was, this could be hanging in any museum of modern art in the world. And I'd LOVE to steal it away and hang it into my living-room!! ;-))) Such a pity I can't afford it, it's gorgeous (not only because of the women subjects - or do I have to say objects?)!
    When I see them in a row I could also imagine being told a whole story or poem along several about that?

  4. liebe céline, sie sehen genial aus! die idee sie als objekte zu präsentieren gibt ihnen noch einmal etwas ganz besonderes. die hängenden fäden sind zusätzlich noch DER hingucker. ich würde sie auch stehlen...
    liebe grüße an dich!

  5. wauw....
    zo worden ze opgetild naar een ander niveau
    goed bezig!


  6. Congratulations, Celine, I think has been a success this idea!
    well actually falling wires, are more visible separated from the wall. And I guess if cast their shadows on the wall, will achieve an extra effect.
    (this work with the two girls is extraordinary! can take to pinterest?) :)

  7. hoi!
    ik ben de host deze week
    doe je mee?


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