Saturday, March 8, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is the lovely Nadine and her theme is "hair".  A wild guess: I'm not the only girl who is not at all happy with her hair. My hair is very thin and boring, it just "hangs" there. It doesn't matter if I go to the hairdresser, one day later it is just as bad. The only time I was happy with my hair were the 4 years that I had dreadlocks. Finally: my hair had volume!!! It still was a lot of work to make them look nice for such a long time but it was worth it. My ultimate wish is that I want curls and of course the one with curls straighten them out.

The other thing is that I'm also interested in the (mostly) female issues about hair, like Nadine already said "we cut it off rigorously in places where we really don't want it". Why do we do that? For ourselves or for our partners, because society at one point said we need to because a woman with hair on her legs/arms/vagina doesn't look good, sweet or nice? I found a really interesting blog about this theme. A girl started a blog called "Bare To Bush" where she documented the regrowth of her body hair after shaving most of it off. During that regrowth she realized that she has a lot to say about bodies and body images. I think this blog is not for every one but you should take a look!

For some more hair please check out the wonderful TinyWoolf blog!


  1. Celine, I do not know a woman who does not complain about her hair!
    Women should experience baldness (I know that some happens, but is not common)
    Losing your hair is terrible! Do you know how I want to have the hair that many of you despise? Blonde, red, straight, curly, either! I want it in my head!

    OK. hair under the arms, in the vagina, legs, does not bother me much, and even, I think it's sexy. (see Modigliani's nudes, these women can not be more sexy!!! Please!!!
    I love your illustration! you know!
    Have a good weekend and Happy women's Day, Celine! :)

  2. I too love your illustration, and it says so much about women and the society induced need to have hair a certain way or look - which none of us ever seem to be happy with. As well as the unexplained removal of it. - doesn't make sense to me, and yet I sometimes follow the rules.

  3. I agree - hair is a big issue for women. So connected to our sense of identity and emotions.
    I adore your illustration :)

  4. Your illustration is wonderful and true:) Leena

  5. crikey, i took a look over at the suggested blog, daring!
    anyway, she's a point, society tells us off (or on) and we follow suit in most cases, as we do.
    i know what you mean by what you show in your drawing!
    hair is just such a struggle sometimes....
    sorry to read it'll be difficult for you to attend the summer event.
    i wish you a wonderful holiday anyway and who knows, perhaps we do bump into one another.... if not now, then later!
    thxs for playing, celine

  6. hair is such an interesting subject
    leave it
    remove it
    change it
    so much time spent on it
    so much importance given to it
    your are overflows with expression, wonderful ~

  7. You, dear friend, have captured the look of hair frustration perfectly! Haven't we all felt that way at some time, or possibly all the time, in our lives? Oh the moaning that my girls as teenagers roared when their hair wasn't perfect. It took me almost 50 years to like my hair. Now that it's turning grey I love it! Have a great week, Celine. xo

  8. Yaouza! that blog is direct and personal and right on! I think it's great she's so open with her questioning and experimenting..
    I love the expression of your drawing- it really is perfect!
    and agree that everyone wants what they haven't got- so typical of human nature- the question really is why do we suffer so much discontent..

  9. oooh, i like the blog you mention
    very direct and makes me think....

    oh yes, bad hair days
    now my hair is longer i put it in a ponytail or braid ;^))
    like you i wanted curls, so i had my hair permed once
    it was horrible! nowaday i charish my greyisch hair
    especially because there is boldness in our family
    men and women.....


  10. It's really interesting, isn't it, that conundrum between Western society and lack of body hair and other societies where people would think it strange to shave it off. I'll go check the link out, but I wanted to say that I love your drawing. So very full of expression. Believe me, with two feet of my age...I tend to look like your drawing a lot. :)

  11. Hach Celine dein Bild mit den Haaren und dem Gesichtsausdruck ist einfach herrlich, es spiegelt genau wieder, wie ich mich jeden morgen fühle! Ich habe auch feines dünnes Haar und deshalb trage ich es seit Jahren kurz, was dazu führt, dass ich morgens gern aussehe, als hätte ich in die Steckdose gefasst. Im Moment versuche ich es ein bisschen länger wachsen zu lassen und es nervt mich wie blöd, weil es nicht sitzt und dumm runterhängt. Ich weiß also nicht, wie lange ich das nocht durchhalte, Hehehe.
    Liebe Grüße
    barbara bee

  12. dein bild ist so toll!! und ich könnte es sein! ich bin auch mein ganzes leben unzufrieden mit meinen haaren gewesen. dünn und fein, keine frisur hält. ich wollte auch immer locken haben. aber meine freundin mit den locken wollte glatte haare. hahaha - gestern habe ich meine haare abschneiden lassen (kinnlang) und bin jetzt zufrieden. xxx!
    liebe grüße, den blog schau ich noch an!


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