Saturday, January 18, 2014

drawing challenge

The first drawing challenge of this new year and it is hosted by Tammie Lee and her theme is "numen": "the spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place, or devine presence referring to the idea of magical power residing in an object or place".

A perfect theme for me to start this year! I always collected things, objects, stones or stuff that people made for me, I surround myself with them. I feel protected by them and I hope that they give me strength. They make me feel safe. To have stones or plants in my home gives me the feeling of the power that nature has, the beauty of it. And because I moved to a new place, me and my boyfriend are searching for a commination of our "spirits", to combine our little things were we find magic in. Now I think of it, that went really easy, to find places for our things and let them be next to each other. Like in the picture above. Between the stones you can see small woman made out of clay. I made them years ago for a project. These were not not the ones I used, but I kept them because they give me the felling of power-woman, like mother earth, ha!

The next picture is in my studio. It's a combination of the things I made and a drawing that Roberto made for me which is very dear to me. I look at it if a doubt myself as an artist and it makes me smile that someone who I only met through blogin made something for me, it is a positive vibe!

The last picture I like to show you are real spirits, at least I hope so ;-) They are from Finland, Africa, Greenland and again Africa. They were all gifts to me from my parents and sister. I hope they do get along, standing so close to each other. I hope their powers work together...

This time no drawing but a sneak-peak into my home. This theme fits so well in the situation that I'm in right now that I decided not to draw for ones.

For more spirits please visit the wonderful blog beauty flows!


  1. thank you for letting us sneak into your new place. I love the light and the view from your studio window. like in mine, there is your little mirrow. everytime I doubt, it gives me strength as well.

  2. I love your eclectic collection, Cèline.
    I also think, like you, somehow, things that I keep, make me feel safe, at least make me feel that I am me.
    I have lots of packaging mines pencil 0.5 (I think, all the ones I used in my life as an artist) I have lots of small erasers (the little bits that my fingers can no longer take) and so, I keep things that somehow gave me something, did something for me, I keep them as thanks, I could not throw them away.
    Now I want to thank you for considering me in this post and show my little drawing. Thank you very much, Céline

  3. Celine this is such a cozy almost nesting post and the spirit of your new home and life is evident! warm magical protected! Thank you for sharing this obviously sacred space with us :)

  4. To see your space...where you are see where you create your art...oh how great this is for me. In my mind's eye, now, when I look at your art, it will be more personal and more meaningful somehow. I love your collections and how they go together. They are numinous together dear Celine! *smiles* Norma, xo

  5. hello Celine,

    so lovely to hear your thoughts on 'numen' and your new home. Loved seeing the images of spirit spaces in your home.

    seems i had you linked to your other blog at first. Norma enlightened me to this link. I hope everyone finds you now that i corrected it.

    thank you so much for joining us!

  6. Thank you Celine, for this intimate look at your home and studio. What a good view you have. Best of all is the photo of the 4 spirit figures, who look so happy with each other. I find myself wishing the religions of the world could find room enough for each other to exist so happily side by side.
    Happy week, love, sus

  7. mooi, Celine, de foto's met jouw verhaal erbij!. Veel geluk in je nieuwe huis!

  8. Always love to catch a glimpse inside private places! I can imagine your collection is really inspiring, and I wouldn't be able to abandon certain things, either, when moving together with someone. Love your 'real spirits', they make me smile! :-)
    And thanks for your comment, for sharing your feelings. You know, I'm a doubtful rational person that tends to believe in nothing else but what my eyes can see or what my hands can touch. But then...I had those moments that made me feel so intense...and then I'm sure there's more we can see, more we can touch...I'm sure your mum is there and keeps an eye on you. At least in your heart. It's the love we keep forever inside.

  9. what a nice corner there in your studio!
    i like those happy, colorful jars!

  10. no better way to create a home than surrounding oneself with things that 'speak' to you , that are more than what they are for the eye, the stories they tell, nice feelings they bring, 'find magic in', you're so right.
    your home looks warm to me, a safe nest.
    thanks for sharing, xx

  11. oh yes, the numen of this new place of yours, of you both.
    your studio seems to draw in all the light flowing in, superb!
    this must be so exciting for you!
    enjoy, enjoy.

  12. Liebe Celine, das sind wunderbare kleine "Altäre" voller Kostbarkeiten, Erinnerungen und auch teilweise Alltäglichem, die auf jeden Fall jede Menge Numen in ihre Umgebung abgeben. Die kleinen Powerwomen gefallen mir besonders gut und das Grinsetier auf dem letzten Foto. Deine Beschreibung gefällt mir auch besonders gut, auch die Idee, dass du und dein Freund eure Numen kombiniert - das Thema ist wirklich besonders passend.
    Ich wünsche Euch viel Glück und Numen in eurer neuen Wohnung und neuem Leben!
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara Bee

  13. liebe céline, was für ein wunderschöner post, voll mit kleinen und großen erinnerungen. ich mag das so sehr! und dein neues heim auch.
    ganz liebe grüße, mano

  14. Thank you for this lovely post and thank you, thank you for the gift of the animal lids. I had seen them a few months ago and had to make myself some colourful cows to hold my loose tea in jars. I enjoy them every day but couldn't remember who to thank for the inspiration.


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