Wednesday, January 15, 2014

in memory...

...of my beautiful mother. This year your lost seems even harder, maybe because of the changes in my life which I can not share with you. All I can do is think of you, bring you flowers or light a candle, make you a drawing.


  1. ... bin in Gedanken mit Dir, liebe Celine

  2. So sorry for your loss Celine- hugs from afar. Her memory will live on inside you and most likely make you an even more beautiful person

  3. Ich habe meine Ymutter auch im Januar verloren vor 19 Jahren, ich fühle mit dir. Aber vielleicht ist sie nicht so fern wie du denkst.
    Alles Liebe für dich
    Barbara bee

  4. Céline, do not say "all I can do", there is no measure for measure, "what people do" what for some is very little, for others it's a lot. but everyone does with the same effort, and with pure intent born of his heart. To your mother, there will be no better tribute than you do
    Do you think your mother is not aware of changes in your life? you're wrong, she always be by your side wishing the best for you.
    A kiss for you! you are a wonderful daughter! :)

  5. Hugs from me and a kiss from Flossy, Celine my dear.

  6. I am sure she knows and she is very proud of you. and bringing her flowers is not an "only", it is a lot. she still seems to be part of your life. sending you a smile and lots of love from berlin!

  7. she's in your heart, she's in your blood, that's very close, big hug, x

  8. du wirst sie immer im herzen haben und kannst ihr so immer nah sein, in deinen gedanken und deinem tun. ich bin sicher, sie lächelt dir zu und freut sich über deinen neuen lebensabschnitt.
    herzlichst, mano

  9. mooi
    en vandaag is
    het kaarsje op tafel
    voor jou en je moeder


  10. Dear Celine.
    I know this ache... It's overwhelming sometimes. You cannot escape from it. But I realised that this absence is a new way of presence in our lives! Your mum will be always a part of you, in you, around you... What a lovely, touching tribute!!xx


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