Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm back!

I hope you all had a good start in the new year! Mine was pretty busy and exciting. For one week I'm now living in my new home, we are kind of settled in. My little studio is now ready to work in, my computer is running again and my first painting is up on the wall. We have still some small things do to, to fix and to decorate but we have time to do that. I try to find the time to post again here, to draw and to comment on your blogs. Maybe that will also take some time and maybe I'll show you some more of our decoration skills ;-) A new beginning this is!


  1. Hi Céline! how happy I am that you are already in your new home! (Pollock has a special place there, right?) This corner you show with your paint and a plant looks very bright and welcoming! About a month ago my son moved into an apartment and he is also like you starting a new life in a new place. and there is always plenty to do. I tell you, that, I think... (can not remember) nine years we moved into this house in which we live now, and there are still things of the old home, which remain within the moving boxes, for lack of space, or because we do not need. but there are, haha.
    I wish you much happiness, 2014 is Your Year, Céline! :)))))

  2. Congratulations on your successful move-in, Celine. And welcome back to Blogland. Your success is inspiring to me as I prepare for a big move myself. Best wishes, sus

  3. Hi Celine, I send good luck wishes to your new house. Really a new beginning! And good vibes for your studio!

  4. schön, wieder von dir zu lesen! hab eine gute zeit im neuen zu hause!
    liebe grüße von mano

  5. liebe celine,
    salz und brot fürs neue heim! fein, dass ihr euch so schnell eingelebt habt im neuen!
    viel schaffensfreude im neuen studio wünsch ich dir und ein feines, ein erfolgreiches neues jahr!
    lieben gruß

  6. Frohes Neues Jahr, nochmal und alles gute für einen geglückten Start mit deinem Freund in der neuen Wohnung!
    Alles Liebe
    Barbara Bee

  7. dit hoekje ziet er fijn uit!
    ik wens je een allemachtig prachtig jaar
    met mooie projecten en uitdagingen
    en ja!
    ga werken met Oost-Indische inkt
    het is fijn :^)))


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