Tuesday, October 1, 2013


... you meet such nice and friendly people. It's a shame that I feel that I should write a post about it, that it's such a rare thing these days if something nice from others happends to you. A lot of people are so grumpy, not happy and don't want to share anything any more. If someone gives you something for free without wanting anything back, that is just great! I got two boxes full of material to make enamel jewelery or others things with. I got it from the woman who invited me to take part in the art route a month ago. I didn't know her at all. She turned out to be very nice and we got along very well. At the end of day she said to me that she got these boxes full of material. She got them from a nun who made jewelery while living in a convent. The nun past away and she got the material. The boxes standing there for years and she just doesn't have the time to figure out how it works. She saw my jewelery and asked if I want to have these boxes because she felt that I would do something with it. And now I have these wonderful things! All the material to make new things, the enamel powders and the old vintage books how to make it. Just to own this is great, it's like going back in time, to see a glimpse of what this nun made and did. Old letters of her and the orders she placed for new powders. I still have to figure out how it works, it sounds really not that easy! I hope I soon have some more time to work with it and I hope I manage to make something out of it. At least make a piece for this lovely lady who gave it to me.


  1. Wat fijn voor je, Celine, sterkte met uitzoeken!

  2. das ist toll - so spannendes werkzeug geschenkt zu bekommen! ich habe während meiner studienzeit emailliert, weiß aber heute gar nicht mehr, wie das ging. wir hatten so einen kleinen extra-ofen dafür. du wirst es bestimmt rausbekommen!
    ich habe eben erst deinen letzten post gesehen. super, dass das bild verkauft ist - herzlichen glückwunsch! deine neuen ringe gefallen mir auch!
    liebe grüße von mano

  3. wat een prachtig cadeau!

    het zijn de mensen die de wereld mooier kunnen maken
    altijd fijn als je iemand ontmoet die dat doet

    fijne dag!
    en ik ben heeeeel benieuwd wat je zult maken

    Patrice A.

  4. oh, I just love moments like this. and knowing about your talent and your never ending creativity, I am sure, you'll come up with something amazing!

  5. What treasure, Celine, and the best treasure of all was her generosity!
    xxoo, sus

  6. That's so sweet and exciting. Thank you for sharing about a good deed. We need to hear more about the good people in the world. xo Carole

  7. What a wonderful story and I'm pretty sure that it was a sign from heaven or the old nun, that you finally got this box to make some really awesome jewelery.


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