Saturday, October 12, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host is Kristen and her theme is "homage". I have a lot of things I would love to bring a homage to, like pencils, paint brushes, paper and so on. But of course I want to dedicate this to an artist. I get a lot of inspiration by woman artist, also because of their theme's, like Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Kiki Smith, Cindy Sherman, Jenny Saville and Niki de Saint Phalle (click here for my love for her work). But my homage goes to Pipilotti Rist, a video artist. I studied video and performance art in Basel, Zwitserland from 2003 til 2006. I was already a big fan of her work. In my second year I found out that she had studied at the same school in the eighties! And one of my teachers was in a band with her. I loved to hear the stories and see the images of that. Anyway, as I finished school I made some animations and then started drawing again. In 2009 I heard about a competition were you could make a video inspired by Rist. I did that and it was the last video I made. But who knows... I love the colors she uses and I tried to show that in my video which you can view here. Not my best work but I wanted you to see it ;-) I always acted myself in the videos but in this one it's my sister. It has sound!

For more homages please go to the lovely blog of Kristen and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Yes, yes, a homage to Rist! I think you accomplished creating a Rist-style video really well, especially with the clouds rushing in. Do you have access to a camera? Do more!!!! xo Carole

  2. OH my!!! Your video is totally awesome! I love everything about it- the crazy colors the music and angle - the dreamy movement!!!! Bravo :) and I'm not familiar with Rist- so yay something new to learn-
    What a wonderful still from that video- I would like a whole wall of big photos from that- :)
    Thanks so much for sharing !!!

  3. Oh yes i do recognize your hand in that video, as i was not familiar with Rist, i just watched some of her video's ( i loved it) than went back to yours, i agree to Carole, do more!
    the still reminds me very much of your paintings, you mix dream and reality so well. xx

  4. i am not familar with Rist
    but that still and the video is so you!
    reminds me of your large drawings
    the same sort of girl and twist ;^))
    do more!


  5. Einfach nur superCOOL! Auch toll zu erfahren, dass du mal Videos gemacht hast und das auch noch sehr gelungen! Ich habe sogar mal mit ihr zusammen ausgestellt- Ha!
    Das "still" könnte ich mir auch super als Bild vorstellen - geniale Farben und alles.

  6. great!
    liebe Grüsse aus Paris!

  7. Yes, Celine your video has the imprint PR. but that is just your admiration for her and not take away quality to your work
    I like the slow cadence that you show in this work, excellent music, interacting with the passing of the background, proposes a sleepy experience that traps the viewer, waiting to see what happens.
      I feel like, slow summer afternoon, Ja Ja
    excellent, (this was an unknown facet yours, show us more, please) I really liked a lot!!!!!!! :)

  8. dein video ist großartig únd hat mich sehr gerührt, ich musste so an meinen vater denken... es ist mit dem ton gleichzeitig auch unglaublich stark und heftig. ich wünschte mir, ich könnte mehr videos von dir sehen - ich wusste nicht, dass du es studiert hast. von pipilotti rist habe ich einige arbeiten gesehen und fand sie sehr beeindruckend!
    eines meiner großen weiblichen (zeitgenössischen) vorbilder ist übrigens noch isa genzken, kennst du ihre arbeiten? sie macht grandiose assemblagen!
    liebe grüße von mano

  9. Wow, Celine - I love your video homage to Pipilotti! I have seen a movie about her life and art - very intriguing. I don't know how you did your video, but it is hypnotic. Bravo!
    xxoo, sus

  10. Pipilotti mag ich auch so!
    leider läuft das video bei mir grad nicht...
    x Stefanie


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