Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a combination or two

In this nice room are my paintings now for a month. This is a picture before the opening. It is always a combination of a musician and an artist. After the concert, most of the time it is classical music, is the opening of the exhibition. In my case there was a piano concert as you can see. This is a really bright room and I like my work in there. From the point where I took the picture, so in my back, there is a restaurant and some of my paintings are in there, which works as well, which I didn't expect...


  1. Yes, yes, great! congratulations, great mix, classical music, and your paintings,
    anyone would say: No, this kind of painting has to be combined with other kinds of music!
    nonsense! from my point of view, opposites combine very well, you know: sweet / savoury, green / red ... Schroeder paintings / classical music (if possible Beethoven's piano sonatas, better)
    Congratulartions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

  2. great location Celine, i would love to see it on a moonlit night (just writing what i was thinking)
    love the contrast in the above work, the jaguar's(?) eyes, the windmill,
    congratulations, succes and enjoy ,x

  3. deine bilder sehen ganz toll dort aus!

  4. What a great venue for your colorful work, Celine. Congratulations, and I agree with Renilde, i would love to see it on a moonlight night.

  5. mooi om de zaal te zien, je werk komt er mooi op uit :-)

  6. oh wow, this looks soooo good! the perfect place for your work.


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