Tuesday, October 8, 2013

because we cancancan!

That is a sentence of the song by Fatboy Slim for the movie "Moulin Rouge" where they dance the cancan. I like that song ;-) 
Anyway, I made 2 designs for the brabantia design competition: the "cancancan" girls and the strong weightlifters. You can still vote for one of them if you like them. For the girls click here and for the weightlifter here. If you do, I say Thank You! 
This is what the designs look like if they are not in the preview on the tin:


  1. Hi C. Both are verry good design but i vote for the three men!!!! i dont know... i see it more funny :)))(maybe it's a matter of empathy, they are bald like me, Ha Ha)

    1. me too, I prefer the men - though of cause I look more like the ladies...

  2. they both work well! this could really work out proper for ya, celine!
    toi, toi, toi.
    (of course i'm in too - how could i not be?)


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