Monday, June 18, 2012

so we wait

I totally forgot that I finished this drawing and show it to you! I finished it in May, even before the exhibition, but then so much happend.

The last weeks some of you asked me why I draw girls, inspired by Pippi Longstocking. I realised that I started working on this drawings about a year ago, which is a long time for me, working on the same images and themes. I get bored easy... But since then a few new followers came on board (welcome!) and maybe I need to tell you a bit about it. Just a bit what motivates me, because I always like it when people make their own story to go with a piece.

So: I know it's a bit violent but at the same time: what can shock us these days? And that is a bit what I'm working on for a year now, which is a bit weird at the same time, because I hate weapons. I take this figure of Pippi, and I wonder: how much longer does it take before they take away our childhood heroes and make them also "bad", along with the rest of the world. Maybe it's not enough for these heroes to be strong, or that they can fly or become invisible. They have to reach out to "our" weapons to be heard these days. To be noticed by people.


  1. Hi Céline, I believe, and this I already have said many times, maybe here, (I do not remember), that the artist must "propose", in his art, many mysteries and questions, and the observer, may or not ask to the artist why he did what he did
    but I think the artist should not say
    because, that way, he breaks the mystery
    and work of art becomes as an open book,
    the work of art must be a closed book, with an interesting title.
    Sorry to say, but I think so ;)
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee a very good week for you!! :)

  2. I don't think it is a contradiction for you to hate weapons and show Pippi with a knife. That's what artists do: confront us with the limitations of our heroes too.

  3. Your Pippi girls can defend themselves. I like gets us thinking.

  4. ik vind ze fijn
    die grote tekeningen
    en ze doen me denken
    aan Vanessa Jane Phaff
    die bij mij op de Academie zat

    ik ben de host deze week
    doe je weer mee met de dc?


  5. I think the piece makes sense after reading your explanation of it. I really love her dress! Your art is so interesting and it makes you look at it for a while. There is always a message.

  6. Thank you, Céline for your lovely letter with the postcard and the sticker! It was so nice to get post from a Dutch artist!

    It's also very interesting to read something about why you create these special Pippi Longstocking drawings!


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