Saturday, June 9, 2012

drawing challenge

Mano invited me for the drawing challenge of this week. Her theme was: Letters. So I made a drawing inspired by an older Pippi-drawing of mine. I like what came out of it: is the girl happy because she got so many letters, is she throwing them away or is she handing them out?
If you want to see more of the drawing challenge of this week, check out Mano's blog for all the participants.


  1. Hi Céline, I love the way you ilustraste the subject.
    I do not know why the word letter gives me idea that you did, on flying or floating in space.

    I tell you something. when I was a teenager, one day I told a friend: "how I would get a letter, and no one writes to me" and he said "I will send you one this week"
    indeed, these week I received a letter from him, and inside the envelope was a paper that said only "fool"
    It was a joke kids.
    OK good weekend for you!

  2. she and the letters
    are caught by the wind
    is happily flying

    Patrice A.

    I received your mail today!
    thank you!!

  3. Prachtig en wat een heerlijke kleuren!

  4. Oh I LOVE it. You know how I love mail. :) I think she is jumping up of joy, because she has received all these letters.

  5. Feels surreal. I really like the flying envelops like they are on their way to someone's home....
    The colors are fantastic too.

  6. Ik kan haar bijna vangen! Raad wat ik vandaag gevangen heb.....old fashioned post. Dank je wel Celine! Love your art.

  7. I love this lady, catching the letters in the air

  8. I think she is handing them out. They are all special and wonderful and lucky are those who get to receive one from Pippi! *smiles* Norma

  9. Very Alice in Wonderland....falling down the rabbit hole.
    I really love the feeling of action in this illustration girl and letters caught in an updraught.
    Your work has energy Nice!

    Helen :)

  10. Céline, after a while without 'blogging' I'm happy to see your work and especially your new exhibition!
    What a nice place where your 'Pippi', are well placed!

    Loved the bag and the shirt ... you do a great result in the tissue, congratulations!

    I want to regain my rhythm on blogs and in my work, problems in my column, are driving me crazy .... a huge hug

  11. i've been around your blog a bit.
    {i especially love the colour tones of your floating letter collection!}

  12. wonderful drawing! I think, she is happy!! ha, ha, - ich wäre es, wenn ich so viel post bekäme...! schön, dass du mitgemacht hast! liebe grüße, mano

  13. hello Céline, nice to meet and have a look at your interesting work.
    a real surprise!

    your work above made me think of a girl who is rescuing all the letters that get lost on their way to their destination x

  14. wonderful!!! happy pippi!
    and i´m also very happy, cause i get a special letter soon ...

  15. Yeah, she's just happy, so she's jumping up and throwing them in the air!
    I would be happy, too, if I received that many letters! ;o)

  16. I think, she looks like floating under water, trying to catch the letters, someone has thrown into the pool...
    Greets, Katja

  17. Hi Celine! She looks so happy and excited she's throwing the letters up in the air while doing a happy dance. 16 letters at once would be awesome! Have a good week. Carole

  18. Looks like she's jumping for joy and throwing them like confetti! There's such great energy in this and I LOVE the striped socks!!

  19. I thought she catch them!
    She is flying and tapes the letters, because... she is Pippi!

    Beautiful drawing!



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