Saturday, June 16, 2012

drawing challenge

This week the drawing challenge is hosted by Helen and her theme is: my favourite object. I have a lot of favourite objects: my teacup that I use every morning, the ring of my mother, the wooden souvenir horse from Sweden and so on and on and on.... But I didn't have to think a minute of the object that still stands on the top of that list: my oldest stuffed animal. I got it when I was a baby and I still adore it! It's a sheep and I actually posted another drawing of it about a year ago where I told you seven things about myself. If you're curious, click here.
For more favourite objects, check out Helen's blog.


  1. Heel erg lief. Ook ik heb op mijn slaapkamer een aantal favoriete knuffels van vroeger staan. Een klein hondje, een clown en mijn poppen. Inderdaad heb ik ook meerdere favorieten objecten.

  2. Your sheep is very cute as a drawing I still have my teddy too..... I always said I was keeping it to pass on to my future children but when I had my own child I bought her her own bear and kept mine I couldnt part with him.

    Have a good weekend Celine :)

  3. What a lovely thing to do! I hope you will frame it?

  4. It's so lovely little sheep! :)

  5. Cute and cozy and fluffy and wonderful. Love your drawing style. Your use of line is excellent. I enjoyed the story of the wee thing and you are fortunate to still have this treasure Celine!!! *smiles* Norma

  6. I adore this. It's so very sweet! I still have my stuffed cat - but his stripes are long gone. Have a great weekend!

  7. your drawing style is reflected in the lamb! i love it when that happens..
    i clicked the seven things, and i found out...
    malkovich? mhm... ;)))

  8. your stuffed animal seen through your eyes looks very much alive, beautiful,x

  9. ach....
    hij ziet er fijn uit
    net als die eerdere tekening

    toen ik 1 werd kreeg ik een beertje
    en dat heb ik nog steeds
    en is één van mijn meest geliefde dingen

  10. Cute!

    Makes me feel a bit sentimental, 'cause my first stuffed animal got lost when I was already a grown-up. Sometimes I still miss it.

    Best wishes
    ♥ tanïa ♥

  11. Hi, Celine - my oldest toy, a bear named bertram, sits on the shelf by my bed and I thought of drawing him for this challenge. Old friends are dear, and I am glad to meet a new one in you! -sus

  12. VERY nice, both portraits! greetings from Paris!


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