Tuesday, June 12, 2012

if you show you show

I made another bag, this time a red one. And I thought I make a funny picture to show it to you. A bit like Pippi going strong and full of power and joy. So I dressed myself in green stuff and walking and jumping in the grass with a green background so that you could see the red bag really good.... Well, you don't, haha! So because it's all about the bag and not me: a close-up picture off the bag below:


  1. it's beautifull give so much energie and power! great Céline, love this bag

  2. hej! schön dich zu sehen :o)
    und coole tasche mit dem stärksten mädchen der welt!

  3. Oh, you walk very determined, indeed!
    It is a good bag for a girl to go shopping, and fill it with perfumes, clothes, a pair of shoes, cosmetics, or all those things that women like shopping ha ha :D

  4. you've just made my day. ok, the bag too ;-)

  5. So cute! Love the bag too! Smiling in Nanaimo as I picture your neighbours watching your Pipi impression!

  6. Haha, it's such a cool picture of you! :) And I love the bag, of course. This drawing is one of my favourite art pieces by you. It looks great on red fabric.

  7. ha, tolles foto von dir, céline! dein gang ist echt pippi-mäßig-stark und die rote tasche ist ein favorit! und ich glückliche habe heute ganz tolle post bekommen! tausend dank - jetzt hängt hier auch diese tolle pippi an der wand!

  8. It is a fabulous bag and I absolutely LOVE the photo of you channeling Pipi! Definitely strong, powerful and full of joy.
    I've really enjoyed seeing how you use your art in so many different ways. I love the bag!!!

  9. so much happiness in that picture of you Celine!

  10. Oh! Very cool, Celine, and I like the detail of the hair climbing up the white. I looks really nice.

  11. hallo jij!
    ik vind die eerste foto super
    en de tas ook

    en nu vraag ik me af
    heb je op de tas getekend....
    of geprint?

    Patrice A.

  12. GREAT bag! I love that her braid goes up over the handle :) What a great photograph--it shows the utter happiness of having such a bag!

  13. Ahaahaa

    I love the top picture its great!!! so is the tote too.

    just to let you know there will be a quick response challenge this week hosted over at my blog if you are interested in participating.

    H x

  14. céline, thank you so much for the snail mail. and the little extra. my (20-year-old) son noticed the significant details sooner than me.
    i think your themes rock!

  15. Céline, I really want to buy a bag with one of your Pippis. Can I? :) I don't know if you have an online store. Please let me know by e-mail.



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