Friday, June 22, 2012

drawing challenge

This week the drawing challenge is hosted by Patrice and her theme is "I". She asked herself: who am I, outside and inside, what do I show and what not?

Well, I loose myself in these questions. I think we are a lot of different "things", it depends on the situation which one you are. I'm a different person if I deliver the mail or if I sit with my family. And the next question is: what do you show of yourself: at work or at friends and then the next level: at your blog. Everyone can see that and what do you want people to see? I had a lot of different ideas for this theme, also of course a self portrait and even a photo, but I guess I'm not really ready for that... And then I thought I just make a combination of ideas: I'm away for the weekend, I make a little trip to Rotterdam and I have to wait at the train station for my train. So that's the drawing and it also tells you something else about me: where ever I go, if it's far or only the waiting room at the docter office: I always carry books, magazines or newspapers around. You hardly catch me without one. I can totally loose myself in stories or articles, even if I'm at a public place like a train station...

Because I'm away tomorrow this drawing is posted a day early. Tomorrow on saturday you can find more about this challenge on Patrice blog!


  1. Oh, Céline, I agree with you, you should not have been easy to get to this drawing.
    I, a single letter, but how many meanings, right?
    Bon voyage and good weekend!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, I forgot: Beautiful drawing!

  2. Mooi, er straalt heel veel rust van uit. Altijd een moeilijke keuze wat je wel of niet laat zien. Heel veel plezier in Rotterdam.

  3. me too, losing myself in questions
    and what you say is sooo true
    we are different people in different situations
    and I often struggle with the blogworld
    about what to show and what not
    like we all do, I think

    great drawing of you!!!!
    high heels, fancy dress and reading
    well the last I do too!

    happy weekend!
    and thanks for joining and sharing!!

  4. Stunning! I also like to read when waiting. This way I can't be bored. Have a lovely trip! :)

  5. Celine!

    I too feel that way releasing details in a measured way. Its not because Im being deceptive its because you are right we have levels in which we reveal ourselfs we are in fact like the earth the core is for our loved ones and the depth of covering layers we reveal as we see as fitting for the situation. Its still us and its still rich and true just varying degrees of that inner core.
    I really love this image I like its simple execution, colour and texture. It tells me lots without telling me everything. Very clever Miss Celine!

    I enjoyed this post both thoughts and image.

    Have a wonderful 'waiting room' weekend (lots of reading that is!)

    Helen x

  6. hello Céline, i see peaceful, stylish, original approach, fun loving but also serious, beautiful!

  7. how clever, and i, i follow, in carrying something to read or draw on, at any time... i almost feel nude when i have forgotten something, also i simply hate waiting and watching people if i'm not up for it...
    but anyway. i love your composed posture in that seat here!!

    i hope you've had a wonderfully sunny weekend in rotterdam. ??!!

  8. Dear Celine,
    I think that people know you in real life would say: Of course, thats you, Celine!
    Beautiful drawing and gesture.

    Even I carry books and mags with me.. as a non car driver I'm free to read!

    One Question: what about the colour of your hair?

    x Ariane.

  9. Celine I love this drawing of you. Can you see yourself when you look at it? It is so striking. I know about carrying reading material. I do that too. *smiles* Norma

  10. This is so straight forward and simple...I just love the colors, and the seats that seam to float off... Nice, Celine!

  11. you tell us a lot about you in this beautiful design!
    I realy liked.


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