Friday, September 9, 2011

going nuts

We have a walnut-tree in our garden and what a coincident: since my last post about autumn the walnuts have started to fall down! It's guite some work to collect them all and it takes a while before they're all fallen down. Then they have to dry and well.....  I give them away to family and friends, because I'm allergic to nuts (see my post where I tell 7 things about myself). And every year I put a table outside and sell them.  When you drive around here you can find people selling their fruits, vegetables and nuts.We live in this house for 4 years now and in all this time only two persons did'nt put the money in the money box I ask for the nuts. So most people are honest ;-)


  1. Cool that people sell their fruits and vegetables in your area! I think walnuts wouldn't grow in Estonia, but who knows! I just haven't seen them here.

  2. mooie foto en bijpassende titel :-)

    Ik houd van die plaatsen waar mensen hun produkten langs de weg aanbieden met een geldmandje ernaast, niks op slot of wantrouwig achter hek of tralies, maar nog een fijn stukje nostalgie.

    Ik hoop dat dat blijft! Ik zal blijven kopen :-)

  3. ... I wish I could be your neighbor ....
    and taste these nuts!
    [after putting a little cash in the box ...] :)))
    here in São Paulo, we have the 'Pecan'
    with fruits longer and small ...

    I liked the photo of the nuts
    and the curious story ...
    a hug céline!!

  4. Oh lucky you! I love walnuts. I would happily put some $$ in the box!! Great photo! :)


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