Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it's quite a slow disaster

In June I told you that we are renovating a part of the house: the sun room. It had to be finished in July and now it's......Yes, Sepember! And still it's not done. I'm not going to annoy you with boring stories about everything that has gone wrong and dealing with construction business. The bad thing is that I can't really concentrate on drawing when people are working in the house.  Last weekend we decided to start painting the walls ourselves, so that is the painting I do at the moment, haha! And if your wondering about the blue walls: they delivered the wrong colour and we're waiting for the correct ones. I feel like I'm in an aquarium!


  1. It's very blue indeed! We must also start renovating one room in our house, which is very messy at the moment. It will be a cabinet.

  2. paint fishes on them... ;-) I'm curious what the correct color will be. Good luck, Celine, there comes a day that it will be finished! Honestly!

  3. Laat het wat langer duren maar dan heb je ook wat.
    Heel veel succes met klussen en inrichten.
    groet, Helmi

  4. i know how you feel about people working in the house; i can’t even draw if i have visitors for a long time!!
    xo sandra

  5. reading your outburst, I see that this happens always, to everyone!
    'DIY' - is the solution, more reliable;
    in the end it's right, but the time it crossed the line, not back ... everything is a learning!
    courage and good luck!


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