Monday, September 5, 2011

the leaves are gonna change

I know that it's still summer, but I can already feel autumn.  And I can't help it: I love it! The colours of the leaves are so beautiful, it gets a little bit colder and the air smells different. We didn't had much of a summer in the Netherlands, but I hope will have a beautiful autumn.


  1. I quite like autumn. It's not so hot and it rains, I love rain! And colourful leaves, of course! Plus I can wear warmer clothes.

  2. Ha Celine,

    Ik hoop ook op een mooie herfst, houd er ook zo van...

  3. warme laarzen, sjaal en mijnmeren over de mooie kleuren, ja, herfst is een mooi seizoen, maar nog wel even wachten, graag. 'k Hoop toch eerst nog op een fijne nazomer...

  4. I love autumn, because of all the beautiful colors it brings ...
    here we are finishing a warm winter, and spring air, [which also has all charms] is coming, with the singing of birds, flowers - all reborn - this is beautiful!

    I really enjoyed this drawing, is gorgeous!

  5. This illo makes me feel it! Beautiful, dreamy...


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