Wednesday, April 13, 2011

stop walking into my dreams

Sometimes you dream about people who you don't want to dream about. You don't want to think or to be reminded about them, but they just walk into your nice dreams. I always feel weird and not very comfortable when I wake up and I can remember those dreams.  It makes you think about those people all over again and the memories stay with you for a while.  And lately I noticed that the people you want to see in your dreams, they don't stop by as often as you want them to visit. In my post about Niki de Saint Phalle I told you about my mother: I wish she visited more often. But maybe she does and I just don't remember it.
Do you recognize any of this?


  1. Hi Céline, yes i can relate to your story and i think you really made a wonderful illustration on it, this work says it all! And i hope next time your mother visits you remember her very vivid
    Love Lies

  2. I hated it when this happend, especially when I was sure to be over those people. Like ex-lovers or the mean girl in third grade. Their
    appearance in my dreams made me think, I am not trying hard enough to kick them out of my head. And then, I suddenly started believing: "Hell no, it only says that I am strong enough to tackle them today!" Now I will wake up with a smile!

  3. yes yes, specially for people who I want to dream forever. When I want to dream someone or something, I intensively think of it before I go to bed, thinking, maybe I can make my brain put them in my dream..Bunt unfortunately, that rarely works :(

  4. I know exactly what you mean! It often happens to me. Unpleasant people come to my dreams, but pleasant ones very rarely. Just recently I saw my gorgeous grandmother in a dream though. But dreams are dreams, reality is life. I think dreams are a reflection of life, our problems. When I'm afraid of something and am not thinking about it at daytime, then I see it in my dreams. It's a good illustration, by the way. ;)

  5. Hi friend, I love your design, your art is always so innovative and wonderful. I like your idea of ​​the dream, I really like. I also wanted to thank you for your comment of Lady Gaga, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks, I'm sending you a big hug

  6. Celine,

    I come to you via Denise's blog, and am very happy to have found your spot here. Your work is beautiful, and I can see your influences. I look forward to your posts!

    Take good care,


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