Friday, April 8, 2011

kinda bored now

I finished painting number 4 in the "Pippi longstocking" series. For me it looks like she is bored being Pippi, the super powers are not enough, haha! And the monkey wants her to get up again.
I'm working now on a new project with the same girl, but more about that next week. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Like it! All girls grow up. But it's important to be a child in your heart. Can't wait to see the new project!

  2. hahah she is super cute face she has :)
    can't wait also, for the new project.

  3. To me her eyes look a bit sad again, not the pippi longstocking I know, but very nice painted! also mr Nilson :-) This must be a nice serie to see them all together, I'm also curious to your new project!

  4. I like it, very much!
    I find interesting the complicity between them ...

  5. I will say any picture containing Pippi Longstocking is a masterpiece. I love this perspective on Pippi. Usually she is fun and goofy. This is Pippi being pensive and existential. I love the monkey.


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