Saturday, May 3, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is the wonderful Patrice and her theme is "food". Of course I had to play along with this one! Many of you know already that I have this other blog about food. If not: I draw the recipes I cook and vary them with funny or serious quote's about food. This blog is about nice food in spite of food allergies.

In short I tell you my relationship with food. My whole life I have been allergic for peanuts and nuts. I get really ill when I only eat a third of a peanut, I can't breath. At the same time I have been suffering with headaches, stomach-ache and I was always extremely tired since I was 9 years old.  The doctors never found anything and send me home. When I was 16 it turned out that it was better for me not to eat certain things, that's why I became ill. I did that for one year but I could not keep it up. I was studying and living my life and having fun and it was to expensive to buy all that special stuff. I was used to the head-and stomach ache so that didn't bother me much. Almost two years ago I became very ill. I couldn't leave my bed for almost two months and that was the point when it hit me: I had to change things and think more about what I eat. I still I have to deal with my head and stomach because my body can not tell me what is good for it  and what not because all those years I just ignored it signals. I am used to my diet now, it is not hard. What is hard for me is that I can't figure out the signals of my body but I just give it some time. I am 33 years old now and learning what is good for me after 24 years. I started the food-blog to deal with it and to give it a positive turn and maybe to help others who have the same problems.

Like Patrice said: food has a huge impact on out health and I think most people don't realize this. People often ask me what I eat, if I still have fun and eat things that are fun and if it is not a lot of work and if it's not easier to take pills. This tells me that we have a disturb relationship with food and that the answer "it is a lot better for me and my health to eat this way" should be enough.

For more food please visit the wonderful blog of Patrice and I wish you all a nice weekend!


  1. impressive post. and yes, you are very right, food has a huge impact on us. everytime I am not feeling happy, I start eating "bad" food. almost to punish myself. when I am eating healthy and good, things are so much better. and the other way around. it is not about making a big fuss, it is simply about being good to ourself. as simple and as tricky as that.

  2. Hi Céline, reading the story of your life, reminded me a bit of mine. All my life, since I was little child, I had heartburn, I went through medical tests, endoscopy, etc. and they said : iatal hernia.(something inside the stomach) When I had about 40years, the doctor discovered that I can not eat sugar. (I'm not diabetic) since that time no sugar consumption, and my problem almost disappeared. but, I tell you something: once, I went to see a major exhibition of the artist Folon (whom I admire) when I walked into the showroom, my stomach was burning me, and when I came out, I had nothing. So I said to myself: This is inside my head. Ok. often the problem is real, but we helped happens with our mind.
    Good weekend for you Celine!
    Oh. i forgot, sorry, your art is superb as always!

  3. my dear, I admire you for telling your story in such clear and strong words, I know it´s not easy and you know my story, too... I was thinking of to share mine one this d.c., but I was kind of to lazy... I admire you! And I love that (to me) sad drawing.
    x Stefanie

  4. i believe too that food dictates - always - how i feel, physically and emotionally.
    children seem more in tune with those signals - i too have to learn to listen more carefully to what my body (not my eyes) needs.
    I love the drawing of your sweater!!

  5. Food.... we can't live without it but we sure can choose to eat what makes us feel well. Celine, your drawing is beautiful yet disturbing and honest. I hope you soon feel a difference and that those aches go away for good. xo Carole

  6. i have a friend who's changing her diet to accomodate arthritic problems better, with results. i know of someone else who's responding really badly to certain types of food. i always find it fascinating how our bodies do exacty what they want, and not at all at what we think, which has a lot to say about the power of our bodies. i'm a coward when it comes to food, and truthfully, my body is always easy, has always been that. i struggle with weight, also because i'm growing older (ha, yeah). and i know i should listen more and better. tomorrow, ia always say... right...

    your recipes blog is a true gem, and it is growing into a delicious manifesto on how to tackle certain problems, i'm convinced it helps all those who struggle, just like you.
    i can't imagine a nut allergy... it's horrific, no? so sorry for you. n♥

  7. Nice and intriguing drawing. Love your foodblog.

  8. wow, what a nightmare for you with all this difficulties, especially before docs found out what the problem is. I made a special diet with my son as well for more than a year because he supposed to be sensitive against gluten and that was really complicated, so I really feel for you, but yeah the good thing is, you now it probably more healthy food than others, which is good in the end.So now I'm looking at your other blogs which I had no idea about it.
    barbara bee

  9. Celine, I applaud your wise decision to eat what you must for health of your own particular body, my Dear, and especially the ways you celebrate and find gratitude for your differences. Inspiration to others!

  10. ich kann es gut verstehen, dass das thema essen so wichtig für dich ist. ich habe auch eine freundin, die durch falsches essen sehr krank geworden ist. heute ist sie wieder gesund, aber sie muss auf vieles verzichten, hat das aber akzeptiert und kann gut damit leben. ich selbst kann auch vieles nicht essen, weil sich mein magen dann umdreht, aber es ist nicht schlimm, KEINe paprika und kohl essen zu können und keinen alkohol zu vertragen. und doch verstehen es viele menschen nicht und meinen, ich würde mich nur "anstellen". sie sind einfach dumm!
    deinen food blog werde ich wieder öfter besuchen! liebe grüße, mano

  11. ik vind de tekening prachtig
    de voorzichtige benadering van eten ;^))
    dankjewel voor het meedoen en delen van je verhaal
    ik wist er wel al wat van, ook door je andere blog
    en gelukkig zijn er heel veel lekkere alternatieven


  12. Hello Celine, for me who can eat everything, your troubles with food sounds terrible! You have delt with it very good by making it fun to eat your special diet. Your food blog is great. It all looks very tasty. You have great courage and are so positive!
    The drawing is a very beautiful illustration of your story. The pure transparent figure trying to eat, but inside... OMG... a chaotic, bloody and complicated proces is going on!
    You transformed a negative thing into a positive thing: Beautiful art and recipes!


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