Saturday, May 31, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is my dear friend Roberto. Even if we never met, I think of him like a friend, because he helped me a lot with his comments which are serious and often funny at the same time and I'm sure he will say something about what I'm going to write here and I will think: he is so right! That happens a lot ;-)
So: Roberto's theme is "limits" or if you will "no limits".  I didn't have to think long about this one. I have one big limit and that is myself. Let me try to explain. I limit myself, my head does. I think to much. I question everything. I think ahead if there is no use because I can't influence the future. My limit is fear. Not in the way that I don't like roller coasters because I love that! But in the way that I'm afraid to take a step in the wrong direction, ruin things or hurt people. I know al this and try to take things easier, let this limit not influence my work because that would be the worst thing ever!
For this challenge I took a still from one of my older video works, made in 2004. I choose the first still because of the word "hey". The video has a lot of text in it, but for this "hey" fits perfectly. "hey" to myself: take it easy, do not limit yourself, don't be scared. Like a note to myself. The second still is just a big scream! I get soooo tired of myself questioning everything. I'm going to scream "no limits" right now!

For more limits please visit Roberto's blog, where you find lots of his great and funny illustrations. Thanks for stopping by this week and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. How I recognise your story! To stop thinking, let go and jump, is so scary. What if you do it wrong? What if you make a mistake? But hey!, you just go girl! You are very brave, have no fear!

  2. There's a whole world between the "hey" and "the big scream" and your "fear of flying" is so recognizable! Thanks for sharing. Eric

  3. Celine, Hey, You know in advance what I'm going to write! ha ha!
    Thank you very much for your nice compliments.
    I think we all have the same fear as you,
    and the same limits that you put yourself,
    I think I learned to cross those limits (only a little) thinking that everything I do is not important, will not change the axis of the earth, will not make a star explode. no one is interestedin what I do, and if is poorly done, I do it again, or not, so to speak.
    Then I just let it run the pencil and the brush. obviously. limits are still in the back of my head. I do not want to sound conceited. but has served me thinking thereby to ward off fear, and fear is one of the worst limits that have a human being. (ok not afraid to ride the roller coaster, I speak of the fear of creating) :) Have a weekend without limits Celine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oh yes, I also know this story and in many ways.
    To live life is now.... so yes, let's be brave to play and try and explore and say yes and to say no and jump and laugh and yell hey! such a wonderful post.

  5. I've been stopped dead nailed to the spot in more than one area of my life for far too long and am just trying to find some movement. This post speaks volumes Celine! You have beautiful teeth. *smiles* Norma, x

  6. :)))
    is it fear that urged you to explain? absolutely do not worry about the questions rising up within yourself. what would we be without questions? we'd be swarmed with answers! ;)))
    you're fine, absolutely fine.

  7. I think I have no limits in my desires to see at least one of your videos :)))

  8. Face the fear and do it anyway! .... that's how I try to live my life. Doesn't always work!
    Jacqui xx

  9. In fact, this is one of your posts that hits me a lot. In terms of truth and self-awareness. You're not only talking about yourself. But also of me. Of some of us. Maybe even all of us. I felt found out. Fear is my hardest enemy. The highest limit. And I often realise this and scream like you. But the struggle continues...
    Can't find words how much I love your contribution! Made me smile even though! :-)

  10. hello sister,
    you are right, we look a like, a lot! ;^))

    ikzelf ben mijn grootste begrenzer
    en zelfs al weet ik dat nu al zo lang
    is het weten niet genoeg
    ik schreeuw met jou samen, vandaag: NO LIMITS!!!

    Patrice A.

  11. Ha, so funny because I was thinking about limits at first and all the limitation we have in our minds, you will see in my post...
    So, no wonder I really do LOVE your post and the pics in it very much!
    hugs and take it easy
    barbara bee

  12. You're so open, and I recognize myself in several things. I'm very, very glad that you don't limit youself in your drawings. It gives Art an open, different mind and people will look again and again..

  13. Hi Celine, het is alweer een tijdje geleden sinds ik op je blog op visite ben geweest. Jammer maar dank zij Roberto is het is ook weer leuk om een beetje in te halen en te zien wat je allemaal hebt gedaan. Ik heb nog steeds je kaartje dat je me ooit eens hebt gestuurd in mijn studio hangen :) And yes I guess it is only us who limit ourselves most of the time. Groetjes Manon

  14. Oh I so get your post here Celine!- it's funny to me that fear of hurting someone or making mistakes can be so powerful as to prevent us from really being true to ourselves- we are hurting ourselves in some cases by that very fear- by not being able to express ourselves fully- fear of rejection- I love how your photos are protesting this and I support that with great enthusiasm !!


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