Saturday, December 14, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host of the DC is the great Nadine and her theme is "garland". I only put up garlands at birthdays, never at christmas, but since it is that time of the year I thought I make a garland with a christmas-touch! I think garlands make a party very festive, that is the feeling I got with this theme. So I tried to make a festive drawing: girls wearing beautiful dresses, nice hair and red lips and a fancy couch in the room. But the first thing a thought about with this theme was the balance act I always have to make while putting the garland up! Or is that just me? Finding the right spot to put it and putting it that way that is doesn't fall down. Balancing on a chair because I don't want to get the ladder. So that was the most important thing I wanted to draw. Off course I don't have fancy shoes in my other hand, then it would all go wrong!

For my other blog about food I had a reason this week to put up a garland. If you want to know why, click here (in dutch and english).

For more garlands, please visit the wonderful TinyWoolf blog!


  1. hello Celine, once more you put a smile on my face, your talent to draw a realistic situation in that clear typical Celine way, your sense of humour.
    ( lately i noticed that in addition to all the other things that the color red evoke to me, i also think of you and your work now)

    i'm the balancing-on-a-chair type too ;)

  2. ja! hieperdepiep hoera!
    ik zag het, ik zag het!
    supergoed, 8e, olé!!

    like you i only decorate the house on birthdays
    but we no longer have a balancing act
    while i screwed hooks in several places ;^))
    your drawing is a party
    i like the 'nice hair' ha!

  3. this is wonderful
    i love all the details
    and the garland
    how fun that you have special times that you put up garlands
    quite inspiring

  4. I´d lke to join the party:) Thank you for a beautiful post, Leena

  5. I love the elegant and well-dressed women having fun aside protocol, and if they have a drink, more, they are very funny!
    (these girls seem to have an extra drink)
    I always think you want to go beyond the established, and the "politically correct" in some of your pictures and that's one thing I love, I think you should do it more often!!!
    Have a nice sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. and your imagination has served you well. there's a gatsby glow sparkling off this one, celine, and your little explanation about balance is so recognizable! we're all girls... ;)))
    thxs for playing this week!!

  7. haha, this is funny! Das ist wie aus einem kitschigen Weihnachtsfilm, der total viel Spass macht.
    x Stefanie

  8. Einfach grossartig liebe Celine, ich kann förmlich das Lachen und die Partystimmung hören und das Sofa ist ein Traum! Keine Leiter nehmen und dann wackelig auf dem Stuhl balancieren, JA das kommt mir doch sehr bekannt vor.
    Ich würde jedenfalls bei diesem Fest gerne teilnehmen.
    Liebe Grüße
    barbara bee

  9. this makes me smile! your ladies look like my kind of party pals

  10. I love how much detail you get into your work in what looks like a nice easy loose drawing- so envious! and the natural expressions and poses of your people- really great Celine!

  11. Bravo for this drawing, Celine! I read it just exactly like you wrote about it - girls preparing for a splendid party!
    Festive days to you, sus

  12. Yes, oh yes, the shoes make this picture. What a moment in time is this drawing. It could very well be in a book as an illustration for part of the story, or in a magazine. Festive fun. Interesting conversation and antics by these two gals. Such things as memories are made of. Love it. Happy holiday to you, *smiles* Norma, x

  13. Oh yes it made me smile - so much easy fun they seem to be having. I too love the shoes in her hand and the happiness that comes out of her face.

  14. Haha, always fun decorating all (including yourselves) for a party! I'd say it's even already part of the party...get ready girls, I'm coming! ;o)

  15. kann ich bitte mitfeiern? es sieht toll bei euch aus! ich halte auch mal die girlande!

  16. lieve céline,
    je kaart kwam vandaag
    zo mooi.... dankjewel!!!!

  17. Hi, my dear friend, how are you?
    I just came to wish you and your family, and your loved ones, Happy Holidays
    And I want to say that this year has been really fun to share it with you, and with your art. :))))))))


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