Saturday, December 7, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the DC is my dear friend Stefanie and her theme is "swanlights", the title of a music piece by Antony Hegarty. I didn't know his music and the things that inspired me to show you this work of mine were the words that popped into my head while reading Stefanies words, see the images of her invitation and listen to this music piece: blurry, mystical, not clear, foggy and melancholy. Maybe the last word has something to do with the "swanlights". I get the feeling of lost days, things that happend and you can't turn it back. I had to think about some of my older paintings. I made these when I just finished the art academy in Switzerland and moved back to my parents house. I started to paint again, this time with oil-pastels, which is more like drawing with your fingers... I tried to make these paintings blurry, with no hard lines. In these days my mother was sick again and I remember her coming to my studio to see what I was doing. This girl in the painting is trying to catch something, maybe some swanlights....

For more "swanlights" please go to Stefanies blog!  Her work is wonderful so you should browse through her blog anayway ;-)


  1. meine liebe Celine, well I don´t say to much when now I am telling you: I have tears in my eyes while reading your words and watching your beautiful drawing... thank you so much for sharing it, for showing yourself in it.
    hab ein schönes Wochenende! x Stefanie

  2. your story is moving, yes to tears, i'll admit, i feel the charge. sweet, painful memories and a speck of hope, because as i was looking at your painting, i could feel the light. if this be swanlight, then i embrace it. x

  3. My dear Celine. I did not cry with your words. but I have goosebumps and a cold on my back.
    maybe the days that were, and things that never will return, must remain in our minds, not as something sad, but as something that was lived intensely, intensely as hugs, kisses, looks, and small flashes of happiness
    like the light of a lighthouse. flashes of happiness in life, but when the headlight is gone, life goes on, until the next flash,
    life are little moments, joined to each other by a thin thread, we ourselves are the ones who do that this thread is as strong as steel.
    your painting is touching, as always. :)

  4. mir ist es wie stefanie ergangen, ich hatte beim betrachten und lesen auch tränen in den augen. so ein wunderschönes bild!!
    herzlichst, mano

  5. Liebe Céline, dieses Bild ist so wunderschön und es hat mich beinahe umgehauen, als ich Deinen Text las und realisierte, dass Du es gar nicht für diese Challenge gemalt hast, sondern dass es ein älteres Werk von Dir ist. Es passt so unfassbar gut zur Musik und zu der Stimmung, die sie bei mir ausgelöst hat. Das Bild ist traurig, melancholisch und voller Hoffnung und Freude zugleich. Die Farben, das Licht und die Bewegung sind so stark, es ist ein unwahrscheinlich intensives Bild. Beim Lesen Deiner Worte dazu hatte ich einen ganz massiven Kloß im Hals und das Bedürfnis, Dich einfach still zu umarmen.

  6. your words fit my week
    wich was a sad but beautiful one
    your painting how i feel
    things happened and i can't change them
    mysterious, melancholic....


  7. this is a dreamy beautiful image
    as i watch snow fall in my day, this brings summer memories that are dear
    what a lovely memory the swan lights brought you

  8. The light has entered her body...or is leaving it...or is captured with it somehow. Brilliant piece. Norma,xo

  9. Oh, wow, Celine - this image and the story of the time you made it are very moving. I see the girl has captured light in her net, yes I think it is swanlight.
    xxxooo, sus

  10. Liebe Céline,
    dein Bild kann ich lange betrachten - es führt mich tief in Gedanken, die mich schon lange bewegen. Was können wir einfangen? Festhalten? Das Leben bestehen?
    Vielen Dank.

  11. Strange magical atmosphere. Moonlight makes everything spooky yet soft. The butterfly net looks like a jellyfish and that brings on the association of an underwater world. Very beautiful!

  12. Liebe Celine, das Bild ist wunder- wunderschön, es fängt finde ich alles ein, was einem zu Swanlights einfallen kann, auch gerade wenn man das Video gesehen hat. Es verträumt, melancholisch und doch voller Hoffnung, mysteriös und verträumt und durch die blauen Gummistiefel eine kleine Prise versteckter Humor, so dass es weder ins zu ernsthaft-traurige abgleitet noch ins zu Liebliche und die Farben sind einfach grandios!
    Ganz, ganz toll - würde vielleicht auch als Ring oder Postkarte etc. gut aussehen?!
    Liebe Grüße
    Barbara bee
    P.S. das heutige Zitat habe ich auf mein neues Pinterestboard gepinnt, dann brauchst du es nicht abzuschreiben... ; )

  13. love the mood of this piece and color and movement!! wonderful world you've conjured in this image :)

  14. thxs for your delightful comments, celine. i so take it to heart!
    and now there's our new drawing challenge theme. we'd love to have you. n♥


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