Tuesday, December 10, 2013

a sweet memory

I just wanted to say "thanks" to all of you who left a comment on my last post. You all took the time to write something about what the painting did to you. I really touched me to read your words. I wasn't emotional or melancholic when I wrote it, I just had a wonderful memory with it. But somehow you felt what I mend with my little words. Sometimes I still get overwhelmed that it is possible to share emotions over the internet, to meet nice people who care and understand what you are trying to do. This painting is from the same series with oil crayons, I thought I share one more with you. Thank you again and have a good week!


  1. I like that, too, it's great...The plaid is lovely, I would creep under it, too, and stay there. And I had to smile about panty and socks. It's both again: smiling and hiding, getting away of something, which stays out of the view of the spectator. Had the same feeling with the painting before, I liked it, but there was some certain melancholy within even without knowing the story you told us. Maybe this is what's so catchy about your artwork, it leaves certain spaces for wondering, questioning...who is it? What's the matter? What's the mood? Is that happiness or sadness, fun or fear or what?

  2. Celine, I think this has the charm of the occult. as long as you are hiding something, you create an interest on the person who is observing, an interest in knowing what is hidden
    this work has that element. I like the horizontal composition I'd say "unbalanced" in both the color and the number of elements (much on one side and some on the other)
    obviously you are a very good artist, and the whole picture is based on a foundation of excellent drawing
    Share emotions .. Sometimes, I think feelings have disappeared at the hands of technology. and sometimes I think not, I have the proof, from my blog, I have lots of friends, whom I love and who love me. and I know that we can share emotions, in a different way than usual before technology, but we can share emotions!
    Have a nice week!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The light and the dark in contrast to each other here in this piece speaks volumes. And what she is doing is exactly what I feel like doing sometimes, and what I actually have done once or twice in my entire life so far. Once I just could not cope and my mother who is extremely difficult was yapping away sitting on my couch and I was still in bed (I live in a studio apartment) and I wanted to run away to get away from her yapping and so I just took the covers right while she was in mid-sentence and completely covered myself in the blankets and comforter. I just hid right there on the spot. She got the point and left right away. It was awesome. It was also scary and powerful. Anyway your drawing reminds me of how I felt when I just could not help but hide right then and there on the spot. My needs overpowered anything socially acceptable. My mother never mentioned it. I will never forget it. Love your work!!! Norma, x


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