Monday, June 3, 2013

rabbit hearted girl

Oh I just had to show you these pictures. My rabbit Pollock became a dad, juhuuu! About 3 weeks ago these adorable bunny's were born and now I could visit them without disturbing the mother, who lives next door. 2 of them have the grey colour of the mother and 5 of them look exactly like Pollock!


  1. hey, I think in the month of June is Father's Day (at least in my country) I will send a strong and warm (here we are on a cold autumn) hug (and a carrot) for that big daddy rabbit!
    and this

  2. Congratulations to Father Pollock - the babies are so dear!
    And I must observe, their faces remind me of some of your paintings!
    love, sus

  3. Congratulations bunny mom! Soooo cute! I love bunnies and I would love to have one, but Yumi is totally crazy about them and I'm not quite sure if that would be healthy for a bunny...
    Pollock good name!
    How could you not love those sweeties.

  4. So nice that you get to visit the grandbunnies, Celine!


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