Monday, June 17, 2013

go back and forward

That is the question.... back to my drawings, forward with something else or both... At the moment I'm not sure what to do, so I try not to think to much about it and just let see what will happen. The truth is I hate that feeling! At least I gave the girl in my drawing a pair of sunglasses, becauses sunny it's going to be this week and that's good news. I wish you all a good start in this new week!


  1. as you know, I know, all of it far too well. it is a sticky, but pressured feeling at the same time. and so far, I have not found the perfect recipe. but I know it will pass. it seems to be part of the deal. right now, go out and catch that sun, the rest will follow!

  2. laissez faire, laissez passer...
    sometimes I think the best thing is not self imposed any conditions.
    You just works. (I think it is best, at least to me was useful, I think)
    Long ago, I going through a situation like yours, and I told a friend that I did not know what to do. he told me: be yourself.
    Good week, Celine! :))

  3. I don't like that feeling neither. And just try to go forward and see what happens…
    liebe Grüsse aus Paris (wo man auch eine Sonnenbrille braucht, und einen Regenschirm…)

  4. I know what you mean! that being in between feeling can be uncomfortable- like too much possibility can be overwhelming. I think your drawing is perfect just keep stepping forward...even better into the sun!

    Please join the DC this weekend I'm hosting with "solstice" if you'd like :)

  5. I hope your week goes well! I love this girl and her determined step :)

  6. hey, hi and well i am wondering if you're marching on still? ;)))
    anyway, celine. a great big thank you for the snail mail; yes! i was surprised, of course! you've succeeded, sweetie!
    so, what have you found on your way this week, i wonder?
    see you later,

  7. Have you found your pace slowing to a meandering or are you still marching along. I hope you settle into your next path with ease and joy. xo Carole


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