Saturday, June 8, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host is Ariane and her theme is "mood bord". I never made a mood bord in the way it's ment to be I guess. I see myself as a walking mood bord, haha! My head is full of images for different situations and thinks I want to have or do. I have a book for my collection of words and text. My door to my studio is full of images as an inspiaration for my large "pippi" drawings. I collect pictures out of newspapers and magazines. I could have show you all of that, but the line that made me think in the invations of Ariane was "any projects like the redesign of a room or painting or visualisation of a plan for the future". I made a drawing of the visualisation of the future but not exactly: only halve of the plan. The other chair is ment to be for my boyfriend. We're planning to move in together. I don't know when or how it will happen and it's pretty exciting. I'm ready for it and at the same time I'm not, so that's why I'm still alone in the drawing.

For more mood bords go the Ariane's blog and I wish you all a good week!


  1. I liked it! I like it when you say that you are a walking Mood Board (I think something similar happens to me)
    OK, go to live with your boyfriend Now!!!!! do not let the time pass, you have to draw him in the other chair, and show the drawing to him, if not convinced, yet, so he will immediately ;))
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. so fun, the future
    decided and undecided
    but you did give him a chair, so that seems like you want him to come and sit in it
    lovely impression of the DC

  3. that sounds like about right, being in two minds about a new huge step. i'm sure you'll be fine. love how that sofa is only half there...

  4. unique .... so unique. i like it, too.
    love. käthe.

  5. "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." Thomas Merton
    Lovely mood board, and what an exciting time in your life!

    Best wishes!!!

  6. Yeah, walking mood board!
    You are on a good way dear Celine, I am very happy about what I see and read here.
    x Stefanie

  7. Aren't we all walking mood boards ;) I like what you said in this post and wish you luck on your new change- sometimes we have to "act to know" if something is right or not :)

  8. You are alone but not lonely in your drawing Celine, and that seems to be a good state to be in to make decisions about such big changes.
    Happy new week, sus

  9. Liebe Celine, of course it is thrilling to move in together with the boyfriend! You are laughing towards your future and seems to be relaxed and joyful in your beautiful drawing here. I have learned this dc that mood boards are very close to the feelings...
    Thank you for playing, brave heart!

    x Ariane.

  10. es wird spannend bei dir, liebe céline! ich wünsch dir ganz viel glück!! ich glaub, in deinem herzen ist der zweite sessel schon besetzt!

  11. So true about us being walking mood boards, Celine. I see that you are smiling in your drawing, as if you are talking to someone in the next chair. Is it him? Take care. xo Carole

  12. exiting, stepping into something new means leaving something behind,
    your drawing says it all, unknown future,but then the future is unknown to all of us, good luck dear Celine x

  13. ;^)))
    a walking moodboard
    so, so true

    ook ik heb een hoofd, dozen en mappen
    vol met indrukken en knipsels!
    en samenwonen, olé, dat zijn grote veranderingen
    ik woon nu 23 jaar samen (whah, zo lang al?!)
    maar heb altijd een eigen ruimte of kamer gehad
    de zon komt eraan

  14. It seems as if he's still walking around in the room, outside the picture frame, but it doesn't take much time that he's going to take a seat beside you. You're happy, relaxed and comfortable in his attendance, that's obvious. Next picture we'll see both of you. Laughing happily. :o)

  15. I see a nice big smile on your face so I am thinking that you will enjoy having that empty chair beside you filled with your new roomie! HA! Soon you will have to consult with someone about what their opinion is of changes in a room, etc. Enjoy Celine!! N, x


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