Friday, June 14, 2013

about days off, real life and beautiful gifts

This week I had a few days of so I tried to relax and do some nice things.  At day one we went to beach. The weather was so beautiful ans sunny but we froze our ... of because there was so much wind, haha! We didn't bring our sweathers because in the city it was really nice and as we arrived at the beach we wondered why all the people came back and didn't stay. Well, we found out as soon we saw some sand, brrrr!
At day two I went to an exhibion and I saw the work of Nelleke! It was really nice to see it in "real life" and I also met Nelleke, which was really fun because we follow each other for a while now here in blog-land and we know things about each other and now we each have a face to go with it!

I also went to an exhibition in Amsterdam about Pixar which was really gooooood! You can see the sketches, drawings, paintings and storyboards they make for each movie. So it's not about the finished movies, but the work they do before that. All the hand-made drawings. And wow these people can draw! That was really inspiring. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pictures, but this little guy wanted to come home with us and took a look arround in the train:

And the perfect ending for my days off was when I came home and a package of Stefanie arrived. I'm now the proud owner of some postcards, her beautiful little booklet and some jewelery made by her. Men, I'm happy! Thank you Stefanie!


  1. Oh, Celine, I can only say I feel a bit of envy, (even from the cold on the beach, years ago I'm not going to sea)
    To see Nelleke work should be exciting, and go back home and find that shipping is really the happy ending.
    but I must ask you something:
    Did you not miss Pollock????
    Have a great weekend! :)))

  2. Ja, Celine, dat was heel leuk elkaar eens in het echt te ontmoeten. Helaas een beetje kort, wellicht een volgende keer wat langer...:-) (en bedankt)

  3. mit dir freut sich
    nelleke und pixar - toll!
    x stefanie

  4. toll! nelleke, pixar und stefanie. du auch!
    liebe grüße von mano

  5. What a wonderful few days off! I love the Nelleke exhibit photos and Stephanie's gifts are beautiful.

  6. What a great bunch of day, Celine. I , too, am taking a little break this week to enjoy time with my Daughter visiting me from Seattle.
    Love the work of Nelleke and am off to look at her place now.
    Best wishes, sus


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